Evergrande’s Catastrophic Collapse and its impact on Australia

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Evergrande’s Catastrophic Collapse and its impact on Australia.


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  1. Well apartments are being stood up all around Sydney. So following the foot steps of China. Also the forced vaccine otherwise no freedom, police power to just lockdown a building block now. Whatever China does next we will follow, unfortunately freedom ain't free anymore.

  2. Pros. Cons
    80% target more freedoms covid-19
    Lock downs = more savings job security
    Dec maybe international travel evergreen
    Everything booming evergrande
    270b for military
    50b for subs
    Crashing iron ore
    Tit for tat geo politics
    Am I missing something? Is the future looking bleek or does my mindset need to change?

  3. 2015 sure was a strange year for evergrande.
    Revenue decreased by 20%, but profits increased by 17%, and profit to shareholders decreased by 17%.
    Equity quadrupled somehow (its mostly car park spaces lol). Total revenue is tiny compared to the companies value.

    They doubled the debt. As usual.

    Only a third of profits and equity went to the shareholders. It seems that like an iceberg, most of evergrande is hidden from view. The whole company is literally 3x bigger than we think.

    They have been "selling" apartments on land that has a 10-20 year lease. Fun times ahead.

    They own a bank, which is highly likely to be insolvent now.

    They have been manipulating the share price using options, share repurchases and issuing new shares.

  4. Tarric tends to be negative but realistic. The way this might effect Aussies directly is Chinese selling off investment properties in order to cover losses back home. Usually this wouldn't be the case as we are seen as a "government ensured rock safe heaven" when it comes to hosing and more of them should just flock here, BUT since post 2016 getting money out of China is getting harder and harder and seeing as how we're not best friends any more (nuclear sub business 2021) we may just see those who need to sell, sell. I'm not expecting anything big, 2020 has opened my eyes to the nature of the Australian government and their physical needs to see large assets inflate – they will look to mediate against losses and my hope is they will be unable to.

  5. China is Australia's largest trading partner will have a sizeable flow on effects for Australia's economic growth, stock market and superannuation balances. Will have a bad effect on Australian commodities. There will be no escape for Australians, you are the walking QR code thru vaccine with all your debt data and others which will be activated via 5G tech. Booster vaccine is to update more data! No need for mobile QR code. The expats that escaped the Dubai property/oil crash/ were lucky.

    Read on if you want to see your future as a man.

    We have a feminised government in the west.
    The reward for the majority of men in the west, is to have your family taken off you, your house taken off you & to become a financial debt slave after divorce.
    If your in the minority of men, who stay married, you will be a housing & taxation debt slave to provide for your 1 or 2 children, if your lucky, that's all you can afford. Unless your welfare recipients, then you can afford, many children. Due to the low birthrate, you will be replaced by another culture & race, due to mass immigration. To control a culturally divided community, your children will be brainwashed by the education system, into believing a lie. That multiculturalism is a success story, & the demise of having a future family legacy is the result, as that's deleted from any discussion, by speaking even louder about diversity.
    The sooner men realise, voting for a welfare state is not in your interest, even if your a low income worker. All 3 major parties are now, supporting leftist ideology. The greens & labour are the worst but liberal are not far behind. Men start using your heads none of these parties have your intetest in mind. They want to make you a slave & for you to have no legacy. I'm getting older by the day & I've seen life change a lot over 50 years. We are now officially living in a shit hole.

  7. Don’t think you have seen the ghost cities where all the building were built out of balsa wood and started collapsing after a couple of years. All a facade of owning property in China.

  8. I agree evergrande isn’t a Lehman trigger but Lehman in itself wasn’t the problem. The actions 2 to 5 years earlier to Lehman coursed the GFC . There’s still problems even bigger than the GFC in China. Evergrande is very likely to be the trigger for a massive downturn in China. Then China will trigger a global downturn. There’s pretty much no way out of this because China has basically been running its property market as a ponzi and massively over valuing assets and very dodgy activity. These things usually only come out if things turndown. Which is exactly what’s happening

  9. The GFC for Australia and nz were the same. China may have helped Australia’s economy after the GFC but the worst of the hit was fast after the GFC started. Less than a year. What saved Australia and nz straight after the GFC started was having clever central banks at the time taking their OCRs high pre the GFC because of good economy’s. So the 2 countries had massive drops in their OCRs saving mortgage holds a lot. I’m not totally sure of the Australian numbers but pre the GFC nzs OCR was 8.5% . Within the first year after the GFC they dropped by 6% . That’s massive. That’s a drop in a $500k mortgage of over $500 per WEEK. I’m sure Australia was similar. What nobody EVER talks about is the importants of high OCRs in good times to save bad times. Because people are to greedy and they just want interest rates super low forever. But that’s totally impracticable and stupid. And now we learn the hard way because still no one wants to talk about how stupid central banks have driven themselves to zero and creat massive bubbles all around the world and massive debt with it . Nz and Australia have repeated pre America’s GFC and they don’t even realise it. They better pray that’s there isn’t the slightest correction in housing because it’ll snowball down. Kill momentum in equity growth will kill the hole thing

  10. Our economy has been growing below trend but we have not had a recession. As I understand it GDP growth was slower than a snail. (Isn't the definition of a depression a period of below par economic growth', reduction in real wages, etc.)

  11. Ah but the media will just spruik how today's sharemarket is up versus yesterday… who cares about what happened the last few weeks. Just reporting that the market is up versus 24 hrs ago and claim everything is booming.

  12. I just read somewhere that at some stage evergrandes electric car company was worth more the GM and Ford . That’s Ridiculous . They must over value to ridiculous levels