Every Day: Day 2

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Every Day: Day 2. protestors walk for more than five hours around the city and onto the Westgate Bridge, receiving massive support from the general public in trucks and cars.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Great work professors. End result was:
    1. Two week lockdown of construction industry
    2. Mandatory vaccination of those meatheads.
    3. CFMEU office becomes Tier 1 exposure site and locked down for 2 weeks
    4. Zero sympathy from the Melbourne public.
    Winner winner chicken dinner👍👍

  2. If this peaceful crowd of freedom lovers wanted to get rowdy, there aren't enough cops in the whole world to stop them. The tyrannical Aussie cops must be shiteing themselves when they face this sea of liberty.

  3. 2 weeks to slow the spread, yet 2 years here we are with tyranny. Shall you exist as slaves or live as free men? You can’t comply your way out if tyranny. Remember Nuremberg didn’t occur until a fighting force world wide squashed evil. We stand with you and everyone who wants freedom! Freedom of Choice. Get the mask, get the Jab, stay home…your choice, not the Governments


    Make a simple pass for the people.

    Just like the vaccine pass, issue it to everyone but the police & government officials.

    Place a scanning device at all your malls, counters, cashiers & eating places.

    If a person is not able to scan, deny entry or simply don't serve that individual.

    You don't need their dirty money anyway.

    This way, hopefully you guys can ostracize the real virus from society.

    If you think this might work, please share & forward it to as many people as soon as you can.

    If change for the better is going to start somewhere this time, its definitely Australia.

    Good luck mates. The people need to win this war.

    You guys rock.

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