Every Day: Day 6. St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia

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There have been protests in the St Kilda area (and at the Shrine of Remembrance), Melbourne, for over a year now. A man from South Africa shares his opinion on recent events. Business in iconic Acland Street has been decimated and the closure of shops can be seen in the first ‘For Lease’ documentary from October, 2020. Intro here: Filmed September 25th, 2021. Is the law / mandate talked about correct?

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Every sane person that craves to be a warrior needs to read "The Gulag Archipelago" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. One of his most famous quotes talks about "how we burned in the camps" and "we didn't love freedom enough." Read it and know your future if you fail to fight for your free life.

  2. Chinas new coloni. The police have to stand fore the people, sad they stand fore the tyrany from the world economic forum the riches and powerful people in the world , Great RESET, build back better, aganda 2030, new world order from World economic forum people's

  3. Freedom or slaves to the masters. Nuremberg didn’t occur until a fighting force world wide squashed evil. How you exist or how you live? Your choice, not the evil that is master over us. Time to stand up, stand together and say no more.

  4. it's looks like anyone that want to be a copstapo is just putting on the copstapos ugliest uniform ever seen! To true patriots questioning the copstapo thank for educating full grown people about the laws but they are given strict instructions to don't listen to the truth some of them don't care people but keep going they will crack

  5. Australia was on my Bucket list of places to travel around the world. Living in the Land Down Under women Glow & Men Plunder, this is why you Never Give up your Arms, Free Australia NS 🇨🇦🍺🍺

  6. Nothing has changed since the days of christ.if Jesus returned to Melbourne those police would beat him and condemn him to death.I'm personally happy about the worlds current state of affairs .because i have endured injustice since i was young.nobody seemed to listen or injustice is everywhere you look and everybody i don't care anymore.i like to watch the people suffer for most all have watched me suffer while they all kept it's their turn.i pray they all suffer beyond reason or belief.holy scripture promises one will be made perfect through their suffering wouldn't believe how many gather without cause against it's your turn.i pray all suffer without end as i do.while you all hold onto your human rights and civil liberties i learned a long time ago that i only have the right to live and die.i was born in Vermont and will die in Maine.those are my only for all those who believe you have human rights or civil liberties i can assure you were deceived.the world hated me long before it hated you.i knew the score at a young age and nobody cared then so i don't care now that it's the whole world.i always said if this can happen to me today than tomorrow it will be your children.nobody believed.nobody now i don't care.i enjoy watching the world suffer for it enjoyed watching me suffer.never-mind you or i.scripture promises we will be made perfect through our suffering .so i will pray without ceasing that we all continue to suffer as i always had anyway.i pray this whole world suffers beyond belief.i pray if it be in gods will that all the anti vaxxers and ppl who have rights to be massacred .then turned to ash.then mix that ash of them all into mortar .once you rebuild hell remember to use this mortar for all your buildings and sidewalks.any concrete should be mixed with the ashes of the victims .thisvway after the reset i can walk throughout all cities and get to re live what i did to all my victims.the new slaves will never know where the old disobedient slaves went.but as i walk throughout these cities i can see where they went in the mortar .the cement is mixed with their ashes.after the reset only the new owners will know the little children who grow up in these churches ,schools,and homes.they will never know that i mixed all the ppl who disappeared into the cement that built everything in plain the untrained eye they cannot see.but to them who have eyes let them them who have ears let them hear.i pray the curse god placed upon this world is never lifted.amen

  7. People, I don't care if I only reach one person. Please realize the truth trust in Jesus. I'm not too proud to beg. Jesus warned us about this. He is your lord and savior and dies on the cross for you. Listen to his teachings. I care about you all things are getting worse and only Jesus can save you.

  8. I usually don't like when people compare people and situations to hitler or nazis, because they are usually wrong and just trying to be incisive. But in this case, how do they convince these officers to be so terrible to their fellow citizens. This is unacceptable and we all must stand up! No to the jab. Peace.

  9. You can understand why our government took away our RIGHTS to keep and bear arms in Australia

    – So we couldn't resist and fight them back with equal force!

    Now, they want to take away our basic rights again to stand up and voice our opinions. Never in my whole life have I ever thought Australia will become an authoritarian state.


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