Every Day: How Long Do Flowers Last? Melbourne Sep 24

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How do flowers affect humans? After a number of days of protests in the Melbourne CBD, and while gathering footage and interviews for a follow-up documentary on last year’s ‘For Lease – Finding a Covid Normal’ I came across a young woman whose land-scaping business had just been shut down. She handed police some flowers. While I was talking to her about the effects of lockdown on construction and the landscaping industry and gathering information for an interview with her which was going to be in front of a ‘For Lease’ sign, I turned away for a moment and things went downhill from there. How long do flowers last?

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. I just watch these videos and laugh; people and police are stupid. I do not want to be with the people because God's will shall be done regardless, so no need to fight or harm authority. Also, I do not want to be a police officer because bad people could harm my family after the system collapse ("mystery Babylon is falling"). So, relax, be nice to each other and read your Bible; nothing we can change; God's wrath is soon to come, and it will start with food shortage in the whole world, especially America, EU, and Australia. GOT JESUS?

  2. You could try educating the pollen.
    Whether a person is screwed after contracting the virus largely depends on the overall health & well-being of that individual.
    People are gonna end up with a weaker defense against the virus in time if they continue to remain indoors.

  3. How can they even sleep or look at themselves in the mirror. And they ask to be more respected. I only give respect when respect is due. This hurts me deeply and wish all the best to australians affected by this oppression.

  4. Why is everyone wearing masks though? We never had a mask mandate here aside from government buildings and such and we are doing just as well as every other country, clearly the masks are bullshit.

  5. No grounds for legal search no reason for impediment of private space that is an arm and a half length this is heavily illegal and also they will need to pay everyone’s wage and the lost business this would be laughed out if court with full honours to the shop owner in payment from the department and will most likely come out those officers wage das they won’t get paid for the whole day atleast for this in reprimand from the court

  6. About to loose my job because I wont take the jab. I'll loose my house and all belongings. Next they will come to my door to kick me out (Police Gestapo). That is the end of my life as I will not live under tyranny any longer to the point of slavery. It's as if Aussie's are welcoming the NWO.

  7. Playing a dangerous game there's lots of normal people who will be driven to commit acts against sausages familys and the sausages themselves and I for 1 would watch the blue blood pour with a smile on my face as they die in pain

  8. There are now only two types of cops – bad ones & silent ones and the silent ones condone what the bad ones are doing. .. So just send them all too the Gallows , 15 th century style immolation at the stake …👊

  9. Somehow the Mantra of “ protect & serve “ has long since disappeared and been overtaken by some heinous zealots that all work for a pedophile endorsing cooperation. You bunch of dissolute scumbags – Mark my prophetic words- You will be held accountable.

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