Everybody Loves Trump

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  1. I'm an American.
    Forego the next election.
    Trump vs. Biden behind a barn.
    The winner…. is the President for the next 8 years. 4 years for the win, and 4 years for the last 4 years we, the American people, were robbed of by the Democrats.

    (P.S.- Yes, Democrats…. that means that we know you cheated, even if you're to stupid to know that's what you did.)

  2. all jokes aside, I don't think trump should be president again. Yes a lot of what he is standing for is actually sound but he also just makes a mess of the image of the President and can't stop tweeting in an embarrassing way. America is supposed to be more mature than this by now. You guys need a more level headed republican who has similar views but also isn't so bombastic.

    Trump represents a huge backlass against the establishment. But he also reflects and is a symptom of how divided america has become thanks to lack of media trust, social media and an overwhelming left wing bias that alienates and ostracises anyone who doesn't fall in line no ifs or buts.

    He highlights just how badly things have got with US politics. for him, biden and clinton to be the only candidates…

  3. I remember election night. For the first time in my life everyone decided to stop counting for no actual reason. They said they woukd start again in the morning. So I went to sleep. When I woke up for work they had started counting again and to my surprise Biden was winning. Then they started banning people from social media if they questioned the results.

  4. Trump got through his media hate and the people loved him and still do

    Biden is propped up by media and still hated by the people

    They say Biden got more votes than any other President , I wonder everyone knows their was a lot of fraud in the election

  5. I still don't buy it. I still don't see any way how this man lost the election. If we were living in a normal world which wasn't ruled by evil tech giants and corrupt journalists, we would all have been in agreement that this man is one of the best US presidents.

  6. I say this, I disliked Trump during 2015/16 election campaigns, esp. after the Megan Kelly mess. I also confess, I wanted Bush 2 to win then. So I am one of those whose minds are in favour of Trump.

  7. This is why the founding fathers were 100% correct to dismiss the idea of a popular vote majority. The zombies from big cities helped put Biden there, but they are just zombies with no goddamn critical thinking. Not to say that the other side is so different, but the priorities and the values are just too different.

  8. Eh. As much as i hate to say it, the photo of biden with young trump fans is not embarrassing for Biden. Its a good look for him. If he refused the photo that would be embarrassing. If Trump was asked for a photo with such a good looking family with Biden merch on, I would hope he would accept.

  9. How much money does a lefty have to pay people just to stand around, barely tolerating the moment, as said lefty gives a speech. Clapping at specific pauses is extra per moment.

    The Democrat Party is so ugly on every level, their mothers need to tie pork chops around their neck to get a pitbull to play with them.

    Trump is everything the Democrats wish they could be.

  10. I have no real opinion on American politics but in any election the losers are always the loudest.
    Look at what happened when Trump won.
    Look what happened when Brexit was passed.

  11. (picks words carefully for youtube censors)
    What would stop a runnaway political party of manipulative, authoritarian liars from rigging the next US election? once such a party of censorious hypocrites, in bed with the lying media, has pulled it off once, could they simply repeat the FRAUD forever?

  12. The Biden photo thing . .Meh.. I don't like Joe Biden, I don't like anything about the man.
    But yes, yes, every President, and politician, should be willing to take pictures with kids who support their political opponents.
    Even with them wearing their opponents merch, and they shouldn't even be tempted to tell those kids to take it off.
    Its actually the only thing Biden has done that is not an embarrassment.
    After elected, your political rivals should never be seen as your enemies, instead, they should be seen as part of the people you represent.

  13. The worship of politicians is ridiculous. These idiots have zero say in how you handle yourself and yet people act like they need them so they can know how to operate on a day to day basis. This whole situation would have never occurred had people just ignored these fools and gone about your business from the start. It's not like they can arrest the entire population.

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