Everyone I Disagree With Is Right Wing!

Pro-free speech, anti-war, supportive of women’s rights, gay rights – sounds just like the description of a right-winger, don’t you think? Well, you’re not alone, which is why a video mimicking a movie trailer has been making the rounds labeling the likes of Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, Joe Rogan and others as “right-wing.”

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the confusing labels bandied about to tar the likes of Rogan, Matt Taibbi and others.

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  1. Great show! Semantic mind games form the basis of the pranks the corp/govt/media is playing on society … Anyone who knows world history knows what left/right really means .. During the French Revolution lefties who wanted to end royalty-type government sat on the left side of the court while royalty-type oligarchs who wanted to preserve the status quo sat on the right .. Left means opposition to an aristocratic power structure in favor of a social-based power structure.

  2. No, people who trash the left and support the right are sometimes considered right wing , people who are fine with FOX news esp Tucker Carlson seem to lean right, people who glom onto every right wing conspiracy theory…

  3. Most everyone is in favor of free speech. Except maybe the Vladimir Putin types.. The question is though, Do Bots have first amendment rights? Do YouTube bot subscribers have those rights? Do YouTube bot commenters have these rights?

  4. The really scary thing to me is that right wing is uttered and written as if it is a derogatory term. I'm right wing (Libertarian) and watch Jimmy yes for the Dem bashing but also the republican bashing and to hear the opinion of someone I disagree with but at least has balls and is honest.

  5. Lets call it what it is- there is a new political ideology that believes that they are correct and anyone who disagrees with them is racist. One side is conservative. One is liberal. The other which we all hate are angry nerds who have been cast out of society because they lack basic human characteristics that we all value- honesty- integrity- work ethic- grit- sense of humor-strength-humility. So they have found their collective power online using technology. These people are mentally ill and SICK

  6. This is not rocket science. The Democrats wants censorship as long as they get to be ones deciding what is "misinformation" and what is "hate speech." But if it was the other way around, and they were the ones being censored they would scream bloody murder, and tell us about how the Republicans are destroying democracy and freedom. And yes, they have no problem calling other leftists "right wingers" for supporting freedom of speech for all. And they will never see the hypocrisy in this, because they have absolutely no self awareness.

  7. My beliefs in a nutshell…Pro-life, Marriage is between man and a woman, fiscal Conservative, 100% free speech, 100% pro gun even for felons, No license for anything especially vehicles..Abolish all ABC agencies or defund by half, Put the Fed GOV controlled land 640 million acres in a Lottery back to the people, small Government is best policy…Deregulation Nation.. If you black, brown, gay, feminist I dont care just dont push your BS on me and Blame White Christian Men for all your fucked up problems…

  8. Jimmy Dore does the exact same thing; anything he doesn't like he calls "right wing". "Right wing" refers to NO government control at all, "left wing" is TOTAL government control. Censorship, mandates, and authoritarianism are left wing ideologies. Communism, Socialism, and Fascism are left wing, not right wing. Jimmy is "right" of our current government's policy but he doesn't want to admit it. The same goes for; Joe Rogan, Tulsi Gabbard, Glen Greenwald, and Bill Mahar. Those people are all honest people with integrity and conviction but none want to admit they lean right of current US government policy because they have identified themselves as "left wingers" for so long.

  9. The actual problem isn't even to call everyone one disagrees with a right winger. It's to pretend like right wingers are generally evil, because otherwise it wouldn't even be a problem for someone to be called a right winger, even if it that person isn't actually one. It's ok to be right wing.

  10. Back in the 1950's and even before, The Establishment called everyone they didn't like, everyone who was a Threat to their Power- A Communist. NOw the Establishment is calling everyone they don't like- White, Right Wing Extremists.

  11. I was a Democrat and considered total left winger, anti-war, tree hugging hippie back in the early 2000s until I discovered Ron Paul then I realized I was more in line with Republican liberals. Definitely weird times these days a lot of lefties are pro crime, pro riot, pro burning down cities, pro censorship and so on. It's just plain odd

  12. Absolutely perfect! I got tired of being smeared as a right winger so I just became one! They can’t use it against me now. It’s extremely freeing. Everything everyone of the people in these videos were saying jives with conservatives! For real! So many of my friends watch/follow you all. Too bad we can’t be on the same side. Lol. Some people could never get rid of their prejudices about conservatives. I see it now that I’m on a different side. We’re always open to you. ❤️

  13. I consider this dynamic positive, it means that the normal old school liberal and the average conservative are realizing they agree more than they disagree and that the extreme left is a common enemy

  14. I’m Non Partisan and call out or support any politician’s actions and policies regardless of what team they’re on. I don’t care if it’s Trump, Biden or whoever that may have power. I do not relate to left/right rhetoric.

  15. Rather ironic seeing as how Dumbass Dore himself labels everyone he disagrees with as "right-wing corporatist" or even "conservative" (with the latter being framed as if its an actual insult).

  16. LOL! 3 and 1/2 mintues of gaslighting and strawmanning. Really???…a video of Tulsi talking at the DNC as if she hasn't recently been saying outrageous shit??
    Except for Tulsi, I love everyone in this video but this stuff ISN'T the reason why you've all garnered right-wing labels and until you decide to grapple with your valid criticism, you'll continue to get labled that way. As a fan of all of these people, I can at least recognized when you're making a (terrible) right-winged argument and that's fine. Stop running from it.
    I don't think Matt Taibbi has earned that label, btw, so that's interesting.

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