Everyone is Against Further Covid Restrictions

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  1. This is great and all, but it very quickly needs to be flipped around from "I'm not going to wear a mask just because you tell me to" to something an awful lot more like "take that filthy nappy off your face you degenerate and show your face like a human".

    Baby steps and all, but I've been working in schools since the middle of last year and they've turned into absolute mental asylums. It isn't just that the masks are useless at the thing they're supposed to be effective at, which is true, it's that they're actively harmful to people at a societal level. Seriously, they're turning people autistic and it's not acceptable.

    Where the hell are Hellen Lovejoys of the world to ask somebody to think of the children? I can't be that person, but with the lack of anybody else stepping up and saying it, "Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?".

  2. Callum caves as soon as Carl resists anything he says
    Are you lot that fucking poncey that Carl is the Alpha at LotusEaters?
    Jesus H fucking Christ.
    Hahahaha, you arent men if Carl is the Alpha.

  3. I wish the Irish would stop going along with restrictions, we have this attitude of the fighting Irish who are always up for being free but Christ the whole country has bowed down over that’s last 2 years and it breaks my heart. Go on brits, stand the fuck up for yourselves and long may you last!

  4. I have never worn a mask or socially distanced since this whole scam was rolled out. To be fair I have only been stopped three times and on each occasion I merely said I was exempt, whereupon the security guards stood aside without demur. I have always wanted to be accosted by an angry Karen whilst shopping, but unfortunately this has never happened. I suppose it helps that I couldn't give a fig about the opinions of cowards and stupid people who just do as they are told by liars, cheats, psychopaths, hypocrites, charlatans and quacks, nor anyone who has the time to watch television or read mainstream newspapers but has yet to read Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago.

  5. In my country the president blamed his wife for the parties during the lockdown.
    It backfired. The public answer was "so, you use your wife as a shield". And it got worse from there.
    The lesson is: showing your face and trying to fix things talking will not work. Every thing you say will be used against you.
    The only solution was to acept that lockdowns and controls are very very impopular and should be abandon.

  6. Her willingness to lie without actually knowing the facts should tell you everything you need to know about were we are.!!!!
    I myself would suggest that the way we govern ourselves no longer works for the people but definitely benefits those that govern.!!

  7. Still a shameful amount of people wearing masks. It does nothing apart from make you feel safe, and so many people are wearing them because they’re afraid of being judged. Stop being cowardly and stop complying, it’s the only way this will end

  8. Same thing in Surrey regarding masks. I actually work in the co-op, I don't wear a mask, about two thirds of people do, and a third don't. In the larger stores there is much more compliance though.

  9. These politicians seem idiotic – but they are getting millions from big Pharma to sacrifice their reputations, spending those reputations like currency, to force even more jabs to make big Pharma even richer.

  10. "Everyone is against further covid restrictions". That's not true! Just watch the coming vote in parliament. Only about 70 Tories ***MAY** vote against them. The rest of the house will vote for them.

  11. Good, I really did not think this, as we still have plenty of sheep and MSM watchers, Labour against him, but not his lockdown issues. we cannot trust Labour, but both sides to bring this Bozo down and his wife, she should be accountable too. good stuff.

  12. Where I live in Vancouver Canada, not wearing a mask indoors will get you dirty looks from everyone and if the owner cares enough they will have you removed – even if you show proof of vaccine to get in. It's absolute madness and the worst part is people seem okay with it.

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