“Everyone needs to know the truth” Former EcoHealth Alliance VP turned whistleblower speaks out

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Dr Andrew G. Huff, former EcoHealth Alliance VP turned whistle-blower spoke exclusively to Trial Site News’ Sonia Elijah about his tenure at the controversial organization, which has been at the centre of the Covid-origin lab leak theory. Huff, who is an expert in the field of bioterrorism and biosurveillance worked at EcoHealth Alliance from 2014-2016. He reviewed the research proposal “Understanding the risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence” that was submitted to the NIH which detailed gain of function virology work, which he attests led to the creation of SARS-CoV-2. He warned Dr Peter Daszak, his former boss, about the biosafety and biosecurity risks but Daszak was dismissive of his concerns. Huff also revealed the fact there was no biological security officer and institutional biosafety committee at EcoHealth Alliance, which was a violation of NIH guidelines.

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  1. Unless you like this it doesn't really matter what country if it affects our air which every single country breathes then it's our concern so the whole concept of developing infectious diseases that may or may not ever occur or may take hundreds of thousands of years to evolve is ridiculous this should be an international potential war crime is how we should recognize this and take the appropriate steps to stomp it out immediately

  2. The idea that viruses exist as disease causing agents and that new viruses can be engineered may be a lie. A very powerful lie that can be used to generate fear and thereby control people.
    I am far from convinced that viruses even exist, the science in this area is very shoddy.

  3. So really their is no national security, only Dr fraudstein running labs in other countries world wide funded by billy goat gates through the back lol and Melinda gates foundation
    He also buys media stories that is why the vaccine is still safe and effective? Take your booster?

  4. Why is it all the whistle blowers loose their job and not the people who are doing their jobs dishonestly, incorrectly,incompetently, corruptibly. This is wrong and I pray The Lord Jesus Christ would please do something about it.

  5. Lawsuits in Great Britain, the World Court and the international Criminal Court against Fauci, Tedros from the W.H.O., Bill Gates, Claus Shwab (of the Rothschild family!) et al…

  6. Bottom line … the research was to create a problem (SARS cov2) and a solution (vaccine). … and make a ton of money with the solution. That explains the official policies by fascism and others

  7. The sad information coming out of this interview and is concerning with a lot of foundations like ECO Health is; the individuals who are suppose to be creating safety, conservations, and/or philanthropy to “help” the world, are actually individuals causing the public crisis. Through these crisis these individuals become wealthy in respects to their investment portfolios. They are making people sick, using them as test subjects, and getting rich from the vaccines and medications they are pushing to “cure” the sick. Wake up!

  8. Thank you Dr. Huff. Humanity appreciates very much that you have integrity…and that it seems, there are many in your field who do not, and are criminals and psychopaths.

  9. Pray for this man's safety. He now has a target on his back and if he allegedly dies from "suicide" DON'T believe it. The "black hats" are trying their best to keep the truth from coming out.

  10. Actually it was first created at the national microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg Manitoba remember from Winnipeg to Wuhan there's still two lab workers detained in Canada here right

  11. How are people missing the deception/ duplicity cues ? The duping delight? This man is spinning a very sanitised picture of the intent of Ecohealth alienance , and he is spinning an instrumentally purposeful story about the nature of the covid- laundered event. …

    A fully open Ecohealth whistleblower would be interesting. ..

  12. Best evidence about this is the NIH grant number listed in the WIV / Wuhan Institute of Virology published research paper.
    Fauci deserves prosecution for crimes against humanity with the death penalty .

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