Everything about Russia’s Massive Winter Offensive in Ukraine

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Recorded 1/19/2023.

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  1. With Victoria Nudelman in charge of US State Dept in Ukraine, no one was going to listen to Putin… along with all the anti Russia hate drummed up by the media. As Ann Coulter said, 'Russia, the last Christian nation on earth. '

  2. Col. McGregor, what is this Germany declares war on Russia and they plan to take back Crimea? 🤔 heard via Tucker Carlson Tonight.
    Completely insanse.insane..

    Col. Both Germany & now the US are sending tanks..

  3. @31.49 Mark
    Overwhelmingly Russian or overwhelming slavs? Because you speak Russian doesn't make you Russian. I'm American, i speak English fluently. The Brits don't accept me as one of theirs and even if they did. Id tell them to go home!

  4. Putin asks Trump" what if I took Ukraine?" "Trump said I would bomb Moscow". Most people think it was a joke but Putin never thought of invading Ukraine when Trump was in power.

  5. Looked over all the headlines from the last 2 months. Non-stop predictions of Ukraine's demise that never happened. This man is either an idiot or bullshitting idiots for clicks to make money.

  6. You would make a great US foreign diplomat Col when the US has to rebuild trust among other nations which the US absolutely lack's going into this new multipolar world order that can't be ignored

  7. Henry Kissinger is evil should not be trusted of his long Jewish bias. Kissinger promoted in the Bangladesh War and the murders of Bangladesh President and his family and his children.

  8. I think corrupt USA government has meet its match with the Wright side of history and Russia, it's about time a great country ran the world and not corrupt war mungers like USA,,, thank you Russia ♥️🇷🇺☮️🇦🇺♥️🇷🇺☮️🇦🇺

  9. I agree with Macgregor on just about every point you make and I highly respect you. However please do not compare what the Israelis do and what the Russians do. The Russians are avoiding civilian areas. Whereas Israelis are targetting civilians, infact they are ethnically cleansing Palestinians, that is the difference. Palestinians are put in such dense situations that they have no choice, especially when your towns are constantly invaded by Jewish settlers who steal your homes and make settlements over your land.

  10. Thank you for your honesty honesty is the best polices in everyone life
    But what or haw much today honesty existed
    I can say What is going on on this Planet Earth
    I can say its about time West is in big Mess and We all safer ing What NATO and The Rest of Nazis Hitler Politics is doing to All Planet
    Economy is Better the WARS we have prove
    We need to know Russia is Not Yugoslavia NATO is making very very Big Mistakes Russia is in WAR with Western
    Yugoslavia was destroyed by NATO and rest of Hitlers Gestapos
    One Hitler was DEFEATED in 1945 and Today Nazis Politics Mafia must be Defeated today
    I feel very sad to see what is going on on this Planet Earth
    God’s blessings to everyone life that is Loving life and PICE

  11. Doug has border line disorder, as he hates USA and loves Putin. Why are you here??? Go to Iran, North Korea, Russia, China. You complain about USA. You are disgrace to Army.

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