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  1. If y'all are going to argue that U.S. Republicans did thus and so and Democrats did this and that back in the 19th century, you need to understand how those political party's philosphies morphed in the middle of the 20th century, reflecting their current stances. You cannot use 19th century data of those parties to reflect their policies of the 21st century.
    That being said, both modern incarnations of those parties seem to hold one objective: maintaining power.

  2. None of this ever gets solved by protest, complaint, or criticism.
    None of this ever gets solved by the methods we have used to fight against it.
    It has only gotten worse.
    Think on that.

  3. The phalacy of this video is the "our politics" epithet. I bet most subs are British, are the lotus eaters guilty of an us and them mentality , I think we would do well to remember that on certain issues there are divisions within divisions.

  4. I suppose mobile phones, the space race and greater living standards are a sign of white supremecy too, does that mean non white people are going to have to stop using tik tok and Facebook along with not using mobile phones in general or watching TV, as technology is apparently a sign of white patriarchal oppression lol.

  5. Joanna Lumley is a childless woman – she has no stake nor say in the future. Meanwhile, I thoroughly enjoyed her documentary on Japan…filmed in Japan…surely an "essential service"…

  6. The most extreme lockdowns and the worst covid cases and deaths. Melbourne, because when you can extend your emergency powers beyond the legal 6 months, several times, anything goes. Also Victoria is now voting to give those powers forever, to the Premier alone, for any threat of a pandemic anywhere in the world. It will all work well with the commonwealth's new Digital ID Card. The Australia Card we have voted against for decades.

  7. I've finally hit the point where I'm turning your videos off less than 5 minutes in because it's just so absurd, so stupid, and at this stage so boring, that I've stopped even caring.

  8. The Covid lockdowns were a real world exercise to see weather or not the citizens could be put in lockdown and for how long. Climate lockdowns are coming next.if that doesn’t terrify you then go get your MAGA jab and shut up.

  9. Construction workers rallying against no jab no job mandate outside cfmeu offices in Melbourne Australia were also reported to be white supremacist.
    Funny thing is seeing the protesters it looked multi cultural to my dumb ass.

  10. 'can't stand the state of the species'. Species rather than World. The World does not encourage ignorance and stupidity, humans do that all by themselves. I love my Planet.

  11. As an ancestor of slaves and slaves owners ironically, I feel neither guilt nor anger. I had no control anything that happened. I acknowledge it, learn from the mistake and move on.
    They use this guilt and shame and victim hood to keep people focused on the wrong things while they lie to you and slowly strip your freedoms away.
    It's the classic divide and conquer, I think all ppl black, white and other groups are starting to catch on.

  12. I love Carl and Callum and the Scottish guy, whose name I forget. The other more recent hosts I will remember their names as time passes.

    I'm a self-confessed saddo who really should get out more but some YT channels are a lifeline as I no longer have a TV. I'd probably buy a TV licence if they were on BBC1, but it isn't going to happen, not even on Points of View. Does that still exist? I loved the BBC in the 60s, Monitor, Play for Today, World Cinema. All gone.

    The minute they utter an ounce of bigotry or racism I'll stop watching but it hasn't happened so far. They appear to be, as the Advertising Standards Authority used to say, Honest, Decent and True, I hope I'm right but cynicism is the only sane position to take today. I suspect that their detractors would only be too happy to expose them, if any dirt was there. Michelle O famously said, when they go low, we go high. I personally believe she was fibbing but that will always be the benchmark. You must always be whiter than white, if you'll excuse the expression. Nothing less will do, as the powers of darkness – I know that sounds like madness, from a Hammer horror vampire film, but how else can you describe it – have no morals or shame.

  13. I'm sick of all this racist "huwyte ppl owned slaves" shit.
    If it is so much of a problem that they have to keep going on about it almost 2 centuries after it ended, the people bitching could at least educate themselves and put their hatred where it deserves.
    Over three quarters of slave owners were not white, white people didn't purchase the slaves from Africa, whites didn't own the ships that brought them or the auction houses that sold them.

  14. it's the same thing every time.
    Jordan Peterson nailed it when he said these people are only after power.
    there's a reason JP's collective content has over a billion views.

  15. A lot of people either aren't aware, or don't think about, the fact that most of the population in the US after slavery ended arrived here in the late 1800's and onward. So, 1) most of our ancestors weren't even here when slavery happened, and 2) because of inter-mixing, there are white people with black slave ancestors and black people with white slave owner ancestors.

    Not even getting into the few black slave owners or the fact that Native Americans officially supported the Confederacy and owned slaves. Last ones to give them up, actually.

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