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  1. One month into the so-called pandemic I posted on Facebook that this virus is so contagious it will most likely mutate faster then we could produce a vaccine and most certainly would mutate faster then we could vaccinate the globe. I also said it will be here forever and will be the new flu. That it would lower our life expectancy for a couple decades but otherwise we would adapt as always.

  2. Thank you Andrew for your latest report of the Phlegmbot in Chief. Lord, I CAN'T wait till this imbecile in the oval office is removed after 2024…This incompetent and probably incontinent as well moron is the worst in presidential history.

  3. No, no, no! He really meant he would promote the virus and shut down oil and gas production. He did pretty well on expanding Covid deaths, over that during the Trump Administration, but he’s still working to kill the oil and gas industries.

    On a related note, he’s doing a great job campaigning for republicans in the midterms. 😂

  4. They will shout down the memory hole until everything has been taken and all the words are banned. All the brightest politicians are powerless commentators these days.

  5. Considering that about 98% of all Monkeypox cases are contracted by gay or bi-sexual men who participate in random, non-monogamous sex, I'm going with being rather safe from this one. No vaccine required.

  6. This man whose policies have resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands has the gall to talk about God! The man that "loves" to kill black babies, the man that allows sex trafficking, the man that watches as murderous drugs pour across the border, and on and on. Saying "God Willing" won't make it so Joe.

  7. All I know is Trump daddy made it so pharma was able to pump out covid vaccines like crazy. The facility I worked at pumped out an absolute insane amount and we weren't the only ones. Thanks to the war act or whatever it was called we got first dibs on supplies to make this shit. But Joe Biden wants to claim he did it. We were doing this shit way before this piece of shit got elected.

  8. These Whitehouse spokespeople, remind me of the old saying…" You can't piss down my back and tell me it's raining." The bullshit they spew out is outlandish, and Biden is tops on the pile of bullshit.

  9. Politics aside, it's fascinating to me how the virus spread so effectively. From a small province in China, to 2 sitting US presidents. I've had it. Likely, you've had it too. Back to politics, I feel bad for sites like the Babylon Bee who have to try and make satire in such a ridiculous world.

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