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  1. She’s Vice President??? We had no idea. What evidence is there that she is really our VP? Point to her contributions and leadership, that has helped our country. For that matter, do the same with POTUS.

  2. Millions of Ukrainians in Ukraine just wanted to be proud, speak language that know, go to churches they know in communities they know, but the US sponsored Ukrainian government has been bombing them for that since 2014.

  3. Really? You have people over there who listen to pundits tell them the world is flat on SATELLITE RADIO and they believe it. But somehow a gaffe is a big deal? Do any of the previously mentioned idiots realize that if the World was flat there would be a tourist attraction at the edge?

  4. Harris is ridiculously unqualified and most often unprepared for her job duties. Clinton is ridiculous and was purposely unprepared when she went before Congress for a hearing on Benghazi.

  5. Even if you know Kamala is an empty suit, how can DNC party leaders not have her prepared to speak in these engagements? They do have a basic understanding of the subject material. How do they not brief her to be able to answer simple questions.

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