“The words of a president matter. Even if you’re a lousy president.”

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  1. Did nobody notice the lack of energy in this video compared to Andrew’s other videos?
    Not to say it isnt a good video, but the definitions of Biden’s words really dont matter. We know the dude is senile. Its expected at this point for him to say stuff that doesnt make sense, contradicts previous statements he made, or similar issues with his speeches.
    You doing ok Andrew? If you’re tired we aren’t going anywhere dude. Take a break lol

  2. I'd like to know. What do you think we should do?
    Sending troops into Ukraine or enforcing a no-fly zone would mean World War III. I also believe Putin said that NATO or the EU sending Ukraine fighters would be seen as an act of war, which also means World War III.

  3. Kamala Harris seriously you need to take off that silly looking mask I haven't wore the mask not even once during this last three years of this lunacy but yet you're still wearing one like a clown

  4. Looking for rationale in the words of Biden is like going into a dark basement, in the middle of the night, without a flashlight, to look for a black cat, that isn't there.

  5. I'll bet you have no friends because not only do you do this to our president you do this to everyone you meet and talk about them the same way to the next person you meet. You are a gossiper and the Bible tells us to avoid people like you. I don't even know how people can stand working with you because they must fear the crap you will say about them at lunch or break. How many nose jobs have you had in your life already?

  6. I can't take this anymore. I can't take the jokes, I can't take the farce. Joe Biden clearly has dementia, he can't think straight or form cognitive sentences, why in the hell is he "leading" our nation??! We need a STRONG leader with an intact mind, Joe Biden and Cackling Harris combined don't measure up to the person that we need. Ugh.

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