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  1. I usually agree with most of what you say, but I think you've missed the mark on this one. The consensus is that masks should be worn in crowded settings indoors, and you then showed examples where he's either outdoors or not in a crowded setting. The Nantucket store is a valid case, but the video is only a couple seconds long so it's possible he was wearing the mask the whole time. An entirely different question is whether it's your duty to wear a mask to protect people, who at their own discretion, have chosen not to get the vaxxine.

  2. everything is stupid… starting by the fact they want to force us to take a vaccines that is sooo effective that we are required to wear masks even if you are already vaccinated 😂🤣

    just turn off logic if you want this to make any sense

  3. It's not stupid. It's working as intended. Cash will be banned. Pensions & bonds converted to non convertible paper. Universal basic income ie ebt instead of pension. U will need papers to do absolutely anything or lose job /ability not to mention fines. Inflation will be supply side. New York will freeze to death. Biden will blame trump or republicans only god knows y wen he is in power. Civil war begins by 2026 worst 2032. War against china might begin even sooner not that there is even a idiot way of winning it. China will become the global hegemon by 2032.

  4. The longer they keep the virus around the longer they can control you. Remember folks "never let a crisis go to waste" – Rahm Emanuel. I mean what he says makes total sense now.

  5. You do realize almost no one has died from this and it's all a Ruse to setup their Unholy Antichrist right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Don't take the Mark of the beast if you want into Heaven!

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