Everything That Holds Western Culture Together Is White Supremacy, Says History Museum Pamphlet

In a stunningly racist, condescending, and insidious handout from the African-American History Museum, such novel ideas are pitched such as the white supremacist overtones of science, being responsible, keeping a schedule, and having a family.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. "Rigid time schedules" lol.
    The most rigid of ppl are the Lefties in Europe, u can expect to be fired on the spot for being late twice. A German will declare war if it's more that 15 minutes.

  2. "What happens when the federal government does this stuff" and stops functioning? What would be different? Seems pretty dysfunctional, already. Only thing they seem good at is accumulating power, destroying efficiency, and employing socialist Democrats.

  3. Watch the original The Time Machine. The future world seems like something similar. Can't explain the monsters but the rest is something to think about.

  4. If I ever have kids, they WILL be homeschooled… I am not going to let them suffer this b.s. and also to prevent them from becoming indoctrinated to be Socialists…

  5. Outside of the modern scientific method (and even then the "90% there" precursor was developed in the Arab world) literally none of this was invented by white people. This shit is pushing the boundaries of historical illiteracy to new heights.

  6. So I researched that "graphic" it's a MEME that was cherry picked from a document from 1990 by Judith H Katz's document titled "Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness" I've attached below. The original document reads like an introspective of White Influence on Western Culture while Tim and his team didn't fo their homework and are either intentionally or unintentionally spreading propaganda. The graphic they're talking about from Byron York's Twitter and mentioned in his as article at the Washington Examiner doesn't exist. Please view the information for yourself. And if Tim and his crew are a propaganda machine they will delete or hide this comment. Please be aware from my research Judith Katz is not and has not been affiliated with the Smithsonian or the African American Museum of History & Culture such m which is a division of the Smithsonian. only

  7. Dr. Jordan Peterson talked about this issue when he talked about post modernism. It was developed by the French philosophers in the 1979s. One of the ideas they came up with was that oppression is only possible because there are categories. So get rid of categories and you’ll get rid of oppression. This white list or whatever it’s called is an extreme example of deconstructing modern categories do that we can be rid of oppression.


  9. Well I disagree on the pretty money thing because that's what they've been doing for decades already look up Catherine Austin Fitts and she worked in the government under a bush number one and Clinton as does HUD secretary and they've been printing money and doing whatever they want for a long time and that's why there's about 65 trillion dollars missing.

  10. If you think that web site bad where you got that the paper from you should check out the stupid (Daily feminists) web site
    Say some of the same shit.

  11. Ignore this.

    Fever or chills


    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


    Muscle or body aches


    New loss of taste or smell

    Sore throat

    Congestion or runny nose

    Nausea or vomiting


  12. This has to be propaganda of the NEW COLD WAR with CHINA!!!! The sad thing is that America will eat this up and believe it! This is the result of Americas education system. The gov got involved in our education and kept the mass of america dumb so its easier to controle ppl. look whats going on now. so sad. keep up the good work guys!