Everything They Said Was A Lie. Get Ready For The BIDEN CRASH.


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  1. The Dems know exactly what they are doing, this is exactly what the plan is, Davos and WEF have Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Johnason and Von Der Leyen in their pocket. Biden made the Freudian slip, "it's the New Liberal World Order".
    It's a global Marxist plot to implement Great Reset plan. America isn't the only victim of this deranged sabotage of Wester democracy.

  2. How do Americans still believe the Russia BS. ??!? Blame blame blame is what democrats do.. Our gas is so high because Joe on his first day as president closed our pipeline. Wake up Americans

  3. Been blaming Russia before Trump. Its like their go to pointing fingers. Im sick of it. Like Bush blaming Iran or North Korea to do unpopular shit. I think we need to clean house. All these boomers need to sit the fuk down.

  4. The only way Dems can survive the mid terms, is if there are no "in person" mid terms. Prepare for another "reason" to be unleashed before then, forcing everyone to be locked down and mail in their totally legitimate ballots.

  5. I love how Joe says there's no recession and that we are better than before. Really feeling how good it is when 1 bag of groceries is $100 and that's not even the good food that's the basics.

  6. If anyone has been watching anything at all they would have seen this coming for a year or more. If this caught you by surprise you seriously need to change where you get your news. I am prepared for a depression. Check Ninja Nation. There are many right here on Youtube. This admin is the biggest lying failures of my old life. Obamas was second worst and Carter was the first worse. They lie and misinform non stop. The more socialist the worse your life is going to be. Just the facts because of the work ethic of to many Americans.

  7. Biden gave out that money to hurt the economy. They know what they are doing. They want the economy to crash so they can go into a new money system because there current system has been imploding for a while. They have to put a new money system into place about every 50 years. Th way they set it up is they take as much money from the regular people and then they ay a game to get as much mo eye as they can. I'm talking about the so called elite

  8. We used to buy only 5% of our oil from Russia. What a joke. I blame Democrats and any of you ignorant fools who voted for them!

  9. Biden administration is all traitors to America and the American people, they are trying to turn us into a 3rd world country, taking all our freedoms and rights guaranteed by the constitution of America and our rights from birth

  10. I'll say it again GME is the best hedge for this recession I'm up 500% since 2020 and up 50% on my new position 3 months ago its so heavy shorted the long shorts are trapped just waiting on the official crash and then margins call then bam pay day lol check there 5 year charts if you doubt it still triple digits after they said the long shorts covered news flash they didn't or it would have recovered to 10 bucks 😀 😉 no financial advice but I myself am sitting pretty

  11. My girlfriend and I just bought a house. We were living in an apartment for a while. I’ve lost thousands already in the stock market. This is not what I needed. I needed to have born a few years ago😂

  12. This is video wrong(many areas) reasons. Its not Biden, its corporate manipulation and retaliation against the Great Resignation/Great Reshuffle where employee's single handedly changed the Workforce forever. Customer demand for goods and services are high (aka people want to by S***) but supply is low, yet business cannot hire because employees are in-control of the labor short. If you are a large corporation that wants low wages( slaves) and these wage slaves are now dictating terms, the one option you have left is to momentary crash the economy to let them know who is still boss. Its not Biden, its Corporate America. I bet my comment will be deleted.

  13. These assholes that try and make you believe that little tiny bit of money they sent us is the reason we are crashing the economy need to be hung, they ALWAYS print massive amounts of money to pay themselves through dummy corporations etc and fund themselves staying in control, and make YOU feel like its your fault the economy is crashing. Theres ONE way out folks, and its gonna cost you everything you have, your money, your resources, possibly your life….how bad do you REALLY want FREEDOM. You will never see it if you dont pay the cost, freedom is bought with blood, blood of patriots and tyrants. doing nothing ensures the fight will be harder and more costly, its gone so far, its unlikely we can ever get out of it.

  14. Before Ukraine, major mumbles blamed his predecessor, Trump. After Ukraine he blames Putin. Either way, major mumbles refuses to accept responsibility fix this shiznit.

  15. The swamp did all of this on purpose from day one and we all sreamed from the rooftops that they're communists and want to destroy the US. The idiots that legitimately voted for Obiden wouldn't listen.

  16. If president Trump was in office, damn the horns would be blowing of how bad he is and HOW DARE him put us in a recession. Brandon shit head cones in, burns it down, but its fine folks, got to save the planet. I'm tired of the clown 🤡 shit💩 show.

  17. But the old that old fart said everything was fine lol. Personally I already knew he was lying from my TSP account. Ever since he was elected it continually does down. I’m at -6.82 for the quarter. It can always recover and I’m not relying on it right now but I know a lot of retirees are. F BRANDON

  18. Don't forget most of that money from the 2nd time hasn't hasn't been spent and yet they're planning on doing it again this is all on purpose just like letting the crime run rampant because eventually and because eventually in order to control this you have to roll out the military we've seen this happen in history before disarm the populous divide the dollar like crime run rampet only way to control it roll out the military suspended elections you have a dictator

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