Eviction Moratorium Ending SOON! Be Ready

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Graham breaks down state by state what’s coming.

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Written by Graham Elwood

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  1. #Graham did you get the truth here about the Path o gen.. plus all the OD's are not due to homelessness we are having a prescription prohabition , a OPIOID HYSTERIA CON. I have Evidence. Government Documents.. Kay the two targets are addicts and vets elderly people with dieases. On elimation list. Like hit ler did in the T – 4 project.. K laus sha wab will benifits from PELOSI commitee my SENATOR wrote the Fac ist bill. To silence anyone who says anything bad about Biden or Capitalism. The V. Take care.. sorry if you had to get the V…

  2. Been renting here in Daytona Beach Florida for 3 years now. Last week my landlord called me and said I have 1 week to fix EVERYTHING broken or damaged in the apartment or he's going to evict me. And I have 1 week to do it. Did I mention I lost my job a month ago and had $50 to my name.
    So I borrowed money from family and sold everything I have down to the dining room table. So far I've spent $1000 to redo the flooring. I'm currently painting the doors, replacing the tile in the bathroom and rebuilding the bathroom shower wall that's literally falling apart. I have zero experience in any of this. EXTORTION at its best ????????? PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT LANDLORD

  3. Have money for the Corporations and foreign countries!
    Many other first world countries have retroactively send out monthly checks . Since February 2000

  4. Don't worry about all those court hearings. They will done on zoom. Bye bye average american. Piss off! By the way you own back taxes to pay for your zoom court case.

  5. Honestly man, I’m a progressive and I want to help people but the amount of landlords who got fucked over by tenets who would not pay was insane. If you took the stimulus, the eviction moratorium and the unemployment and didn’t pay your landlord, you’re an asshole. It needs to end and people who took advantage of someone else deserves what’s coming. You reap what you sow

  6. around 3-5 million americans will lose their homes in the 1st wave. this will rise to around 10 million before end of 2Q next year. there has been significant capital raising for property funds over the past 6 months – they are fully stacked and ready to go

  7. I just hope some of these people didn't pay any bills for over a year while working and saving a fuck ton of money and now they have a fat fucking knot of cash and will never go back to work for these assholes ever again. They are good and have a plan. Man I fucking hope I know most will just be fucked.

  8. The most massive transfer of wealth from We The People, to Them The Corporations, buying every house they can get their hands on, and no one's talking about it.

  9. We need more rockets which happen to be the new hobby for billionaires and we are essentially paying for these a**holes toys. As for the rest of us , good luck. Like you stated , blue or red states don't give a crap.

  10. I’m in PA, the commonwealth has been holding on to all federal monies it received and hasn’t sent any of it to people who qualified for the funds. I’ve tweeted at Governor Wolf repeatedly about this, only to have my tweets removed. Evictions are handled by commonwealth civil courts, each magistrate can rule any way they see fit. My town’s population is less than 1500, we’re already seeing people living in their vehicles, far more than the housing collapse from 2008-2010.

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