Evidence for Vitamin D and COVID outcomes (Gruff Davies, Linda Benskin & Bret Weinstein)

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Bret Speaks with Gruff Davies and Linda Benskin on the subject of Vitamin D as a preventative measure for Covid.

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  1. I usually drink orange juice daily, I don't like coffee and can't digest milk (and I love orange juice with lemon).. the thing is I live alone and came to visit my parents and sister for christmas holidays.. we all took a covid test because my mother was feeling a little bit bad.. they all tested positive (both parents have 3 doses and my teenage sister has 2 doses). I'm not vaccinated but fully healthy with my diet.

  2. It's almost like studies of cheap Rx and inexpensive vitamins/supplements are designed to fail while a fast -tracked new tech injectable is 'safe and effective'. Almost like there is an agenda. Yeah, I called this in March 2020. Glad the smart ones are waking up.

  3. D minder is fine but an actual UV meter is better because of.the 'air pollution. Also infrared rays are 40% of the suns rays and it supports another hormone – melatonin and I think all these things work together.

  4. People wondered how the Vikings were able to operate a war machine as effectively as they did …..some speculate that their high intake of cold water fish liver boosted all their nutrients over the more land bound northern peoples who were subject to extremely low light periods.

  5. Zach Bush talked about PM 2.5 in smoggy areas and excess covid cases in April, 2019. He also recommended Vitamin D from the beginning. He also forecasted a year before Covid that there would be an outbreak in Wuhan Province due to the extreme adaptations that were happening in Big Ag pig farms mixed with one of the highest concentrations of PM 2.5 on the planet. I would love that people who got things right from the beginning get some credit and recognition.. especially when they have been labled anti-* and efforts have been made to cancel him.

  6. D3 supp is good. But it's not the same as vita D made from UVB exposure. Dermis makes cholesterol sulfate which is the precursor for active vita D. Every red blood cell membrane is also cholesterol sulfate with negative charge to help bloodflow. Listen to some of Dr Stephanie Seneff PhD

  7. I'm a front line communuty care worker in the UK and I have been recommending people take Vit D on the back of the NICE guidence. Its very frustrating that the basic supplements you get in supermarkets are only 400iu in line with the totally inadequate RDA. The people under my care are house bound, some bedridden – they need 6-8000iu a day, but I am unable to recommend this. How frustrating! Dr John Campbell has written to the Health Minister about Vit D3 and he was brushed off. It make me go angry.

    Thank you for this research. A very important conversation.

  8. High dose Vit C tablets taken every hour is another treatment for infections. See Dr Sarah Myhill. Almost all other mammals create their own Vit C and make very large amounts when ill to fight infection.

  9. The best of the best of the best vid!! Thank you for sharing this…hoping many folks see this as quite a few reputable health & fitness professionals here on the tube have been trying to share this sincethe beginning. Vit D and a few other vitamins and minerals have a huge positive impact on our health.

  10. As a pale face person I have a question.
    I burn easily and we have been tolded for years that the more burns you get the more likely you are for skin cancer in latter years.

    If this is true how do I balance enough exposure to get adequate Vit D levels without burns that may lead to other problems later in life.

  11. Interesting that the "flawed" Vit D study used by governments was from Brazil. Apparently studies "disproving" Hydrocloroquine and Iveemectin was also from Brazil and flawed in the same way. Medicine was given to late, in the inflamation stage, when virus replication had stopped, making it pretty much useless. Then this study was used to disprove the effectiveness of these substances..

  12. I have a question. If one has had their gall bladder removed and cannot get any benefit from supplementing with D³, can they take Dry Vitamin D³ and absorb that or is the only alternative to spend the appropriate time out in the sun? I have a daughter-in-law who had been supplement but with no luck on getting her levels up, and I just realized she'd had her gall-bladder removed about 20 years ago.

  13. I know Linda, She worked on her research on the Ship of Life in Cambodia. What a nice surprise to see her on here! I take Vitamin D and K2

  14. That makes a lot of sense considering the fact we didnt have ANY diseases on this continent Turtle Island before the invasion and occupation of euro colonials

  15. Great information! Thanks! I’m unvaccinated and started having Covid symptoms on 12/26. I was fortunate to have only experienced mild symptoms for about 48 hrs. I started increasing my vitamin D intake about one yr ago after reading about its numerous benefits including better Covid outcomes. It’s too bad we can’t thank our own government for providing information about the benefits of this vitamin and others. We have to advocate for ourselves and podcasts like this will probably save a lot of lives! Be well and happy new year!

  16. Here in Ireland, 50% of all Covid tests are positive but the numbers in ICU are going down. We had eight family members in our house Christmas day. They stayed for 24 hours and it included a karaoke night. Two days later one person tested positive for Covid. No one else showed any symptoms and four got a clear Covid test. Could it be a coincidence that all those with no symptoms were taking high doses of vitamin D3 (4000IU) daily for over six months. The person who got sick with Covid (my daughter) was taking a multivitamin pill every day.

  17. Re: Vitamin D; At what point is there enough evidence that suppression of other (non-vaccine)treatments and preventatives for Coivd has been coordinated and manipulated and how do we begin isolating individuals and governing bodies and holding them criminally accountable. This is Nuremburg territory.

  18. These kinds of discussions in April of 2020 were being banned and deleted on so many sites, at least we can hear them now. Still, it should be headline news on ALL MAJOR NETWORKS, yet it is not. I wonder why? Hmmmmmmmmmmm…

  19. This past summer (Late July) I had my normal 6 mos Medicare checkup.. I had been doing a lot of research on supplements. I asked my doctor about getting a Vitamin D level. At first she was not in favor because she said Medicare would not pay for it. She left the room and came back a few minutes later and said she saw in the fine print that Medicare would pay for it if the patient was over a certain BMI level.. I was.. When I got my lab results back I was surprisingly right at normal. But my husband and I were spending 6 days a week all summer long outside in the yard working on a landscaping project. Once I had that baseline I started us on a Vitamin D supplement. We had made a decision when they came out with the vaccines to decline to get one. His brothers refused to see us for over a year. From September 2020 to a few weeks ago.

  20. Academic and research institutions in Brazil are completely infested by leftists. They are extremely politicized, and as the president is a right wing conservative, everything he says or supports is discredited by those leftist institutions. Hydroxychloroquine was discredited based on a fraudulent study conducted in Manaus by an opponent of the president who gave to patients super high doses leading many to death. That study was published by Lancet, which later pull out the article and asked apologize for publishing a fraudulent study. Even though, the article was used around the world to ban hydroxychloroquine.

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