EVIDENCE: Media Misleading US Public On Ukraine | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar critique the media’s failure to educate the US public on particular measures being discussed to handle the war in Ukraine as many support a no-fly zone unless it is seen as a declaration of war by the US

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Skanda Amarnath:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. I hope you both start diving deeper into things instead of repeating the same perspective you have been this whole time. I think I’m going to have to figure out how to use my membership so I can ask you directly.

  2. Breaking Points should interview former World Chess Champion and Russian Garry Kasparov. He wrote a book 2015 titled WINTER IS COMING in which he predicted Putin would invade Ukraine. Kasparov said that Putin will not stop there. Kasparov, by the way, ran against Putin for the Presidency, and he was arrested. Putin wrote in his book, "Dictators do not stop until they are stopped." Kasparov warns that China will see the US as weak, and it's only a matter of time before they invade Taiwan.

  3. I know that the MSM is doing more harm than good in the race for ratings. My problem is dealing with people that take this a gospel and call me all kinds of names. This ticks me off as I’ve done 4 tours in the former Yugoslavia 91-97 (UN and NATO). I do not believe the MSM knows or even worse cares about the damage sensationalism/disinformation does .

  4. I would say as usual if someone won’t be harmed they don’t care what I would say is we need to step up and harm Russia and maybe put an end to this. I think evidence is showing that short of nuclear Russia is not what we thought.

  5. Think Russia at this point doesn’t care about dealing with the west and have anticipated everything we’re doing and now there just waiting on us to declare war…It’s not my patriotic duty to support anything in Ukraine when they have groups like AZOV running there country and my people here in america get the bottom of the barrel.

  6. This kinda reminds me of a certain Bernie's Healthcare poll, that would have put it on the popular radar. Either Kulinsky and Krystal still brag about this, like the final 2 questions did not bury the first one results…
    Talking about 2 standards, and cover the ones which are not convenient…

  7. If you're not going to war, then you don't need to worry about Russia and Ukraine at all. If we were Russia right now WE would be calling it a "police action" or "spreading democarcy".

  8. Have the UN enlist China to enforce a no fly zone. Sarajevo, Mogadishu, these were UN requested missions. Not US imperialism. Since the UN is overcome with China influence, let then see what its like to be a hegemon.

  9. İt doesn't tell much because 2/5 people think it is reasonable to go to war with Russia on matters that have nothing to do with us. People who say yes to war, should be automatically drafted. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. With inflation at a 40 year high, with more than 60% of Americans living pay check to pay check, with oil/gas prices rising… would it not make sense for President Biden and others with large political platforms in the US, to start seriously pushing the idea of as many people as possible returning to remotely working from home, the way they did during the early stages of the ongoing COVID pandemic? Production went up, and so did the quality of peoples lived when remote work was the default. Should we not being doing what we can to use less gas in the US right now at a time where our dollar has the least spending power it's had in decades, and people making the same thing they were making 3 months ago, are effectively making less each day/week now? On a side note, any oil the US negotiates from Venezuela might take 6 months to actually start decreasing the price of gas for Americans (since it's unusually thick oil, and needs a lot more time and effort to make usable). Even if Russia caved this second and pulled out of Ukraine, there would still be either a full ban, or a partial ban on Russian oil. Maybe not forever, but for the time being. We could also factor in climate change when talking about the benefits of allowing Americans with jobs which can be done remotely, to be done remotely. The narrowing of money in Americans pockets will mean less food for our innocent kids, and the sanctions placed on Russian citizens (not actually Putin) will mean less food for innocent Russian kids.

  11. Yeah, no one is perfect. That said, the mainstream media are showing the real war of aggression against Ukraine live, and many are on the ground physically risking everything. Several recently lost their lives trying to witness the real conflict. Whereas you two are in your Washington DC studio, having gotten almost literally everything wrong about this conflict so far, still trying to attract online Pro-Putin psychopaths with clickbait RT-like titles like this.

  12. So strange how US citizen are in agreement to punish Putin in any and every way possible. Yet never even willing to entertain the though of holding US senators and State Department Employees liable for conducts leading to or propagating such a crises. Truth be told if our government manufactured this horrible crises or committed war crimes in overthrowing a lawfully standing government they should face charges under both US laws and international laws. And still those same people get air time to manufacture consent for escalation of the conflict. SAD Americans should be out right ashamed. People are dyeing and many Americans act like members of a pep rally, cheering them on for more blood shed.

  13. It doesn't seem like the MSM don't want to clarify the implications of a potential nuclear conflict with the RF. Mission creep will lead to the biggest catastrophe in the history of mankind. Do they really want to roll the dice?

  14. Tremendous work guys. It's amazing the work Saagar and Krystal have done on this show. Keep winning.
    Let's remind Americans not to have any animosity towards Russians in America or elsewhere in the world. According to Breaking Points, there are grey areas in the Ukraine – Putin war/conflict/"Special Military Operation 😂"

    Again, great show. Keep winning guys.

  15. Of course they are and UT is why I don't put any stock in accusations the media puts forth about Russia regardless of their so called evidence. They are above nothing and are scummy as heII

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