Evidence MISSING In Covid Origin Investigation. WHO ‘Open’ To Probe, EcoHealth President On Board

Reporter at U.S. Right To Know, Emily Kopp, weighs in on the World Health Organization’s changed position on the lab leak origin theory of COVID-19.

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  1. At all costs, you have to shut down the lab leak theory. Why? Because the world will demand accountability and put a stop to this type of research. Scientists don't want that, so you can't rely on them to give you any answers. This 'study' will go on for years and basically, we will end up exactly where we are with no conclusions to draw. That is the standard model for cover ups.

  2. If I were Xi Jinping, I would throw Fauci and Collins under the bus and confess that Wuhan was only doing gain of function research on corona viruses because NIH was paying them well. I would say that Fauci told me not admit this because he was blackmailing the CCP which has now seized and destroyed the incriminating evidence linked to Epstein’s Island and that China apologizes for what Fauci put us up to.

  3. Nice spin, blonde lady. You are just as compromised as the people you are reporting about. There is a lot of blame to go around and it will be fun watching all the rats scurrying for the exits as the entire narrative crumbles.

  4. It’s all BS any thing to keep us from up rising against them for the economy and the spending of (the people’s money) after their fake lockdown they keep taking to fund a war that’s none of there business

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