Evidence PROVES FBI Knew Flynn Was Innocent, Threatened His Family To Force Him To Plead Guilty

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  1. It is time to open EVERY FBI case going back 20 years minimum.
    The FBI is no longer fit for purpose and every conviction and acquittal needs to be re investigated.

  2. The former president didn’t like Flynn…that was absolutely not secret. Tim, this is NOT NEW NEWS….we only have more evidence now. Catch up on the FISA abuse…..Horowitz issued another report in February to which the Dem-chaired Oversight & Judiciary committees are refusing to being him in to remark & answer questions on his findings. Additionally, Horowitz just send a memo out that stated that in the review of 29 FISA applications, he found serious issues with EVERY SINGL ONE OF THEM & couldn’t even find the Woods file for 4 of them. Please do a report on additional FBI abuse, especially with FISA applications. Blessings !!

  3. You say 63k dead in the US over 3 months is a crisis… I mean is that though? Overall that's only currently in line for 3rd leading cause of death. By the end of the year probably going to drop to like 8th. It's a crisis in a couple small areas for sure but for most the country the SIP orders are doing far more harm

  4. How is this creepy strozk guy not in prison yet? He should be locked behind bars, at the minimum for the rest of his life. At the most he should be hung for treason.

    And if they did this to Flynn over a difference of political opinion, just think what they would do to the normal citizen. Makes you really think.

    Also, can we get Obama locked up over this? Seems to me he should be.

  5. The Logan act? The same act that prohibits sitting Government officials from meeting with foriegn Government officials without consent of congress? cough Bilderberg cough.

  6. You forgot to mention the 7th floor people wanted to keep it open too. Do not paint this as just a small few hand a hand in this. It was all of the top people in Obama's administration

  7. Tim,wait for it, more to come.WHY? WHAT and WHY are "they" so afraid of GF and Trump??You absolutely mistake hate of Trump with FEAR!The deep state is REAL,the Obum ADD,Killerery and MANY more are GUILTY of crimes against the United States and her People! THAT is what you don't get Tim,but you will.LOOK at the insanely, criminal behavior to remove a temporary position individual????They FEAR him and are exposing themselves for the crazy,corrupt,Tradors they are.What have they been doing that they DON'T want Trump telling you, getting out???Get ready to learn just how messed up our Government has become and who THEY serve.