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  1. The should by now realize the baneful demon American and British government are!
    They are the main originators, initiators, causers and catalizers to almost every human crisis, falsehood, manipulation and slavery agenda on earth!

  2. This is probably fatal for nordstream. Unless there were several decouplable sections, seawater will flood the pipelines and this will be lost.. Americans have made an economic attack on Europe.

  3. No one in Germany 🇩🇪 or Britain 🇬🇧 can have a opinion, because of the THOUGHT POLICE 👮‍♀️ /// Nordstream was taken out by the CIA & MI6 and will be covered up by the USA STATE DEPARTMENT

  4. Europe has lost its sovereignty by being a puppet of the US, just like countries such as Japan, South Korea, or the Philippines. And that is what will happen to you when you lose your sovereignty except to be violated.

  5. US and UK have so many criminal activities across the world. Now also theft Syrian oil.
    US have kept in their mind to destroy German economy for a long time mostly Morkel time. After regime chance they get the chances.
    Once replied a question Biden told that if Russia invade Ukraine Nord stream is no longer. I committed I shall do.

  6. This act of sabotage by the US is open warfare, not against Russia, but the innocent European people. Schwab told us that as the people were deprived of the basic necessities of life, necessary to save the planet according to the Kleptocrats, ‘anger will increase’. I wondered at the time what the WEF was planning to suppress it

  7. Jackson your youTube channel had been hacked and this hacker and scammer assumed your identity by using your photo and asked me to WatApp them in a reply to one of my comment. Look into the reply on my comment.

  8. a certain global Intelligence agency understood that current European governments are unpopular are likely to fall, new governments may negotiate with Russia. The best way to prevent that from happening is to take away the things to negotiate for.

  9. This act of sabotage (or incident) will reinforce the dependency of European countries from the U. S. Besides, any act of rapprochement between European countries and the Russian Federation will be much more difficult now and in the near future.

  10. US always sets the precedents, droning civilians, attacking nuke power stations in Iran and now Ukraine, recognising Kosovo etc..I wonder who has insured the pipeline ? Who financed it ?

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