Ewan McGregor LOSES MILLIONS! HALF his Star Wars MONEY GONE! (and more)


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  1. GOOD, I hope the soyboy loses all of his money since he is the one telling everyone men are to blame for everything. But then these SIMPS are the same ones who use women, cheat and lie and then blame other men for THEIR actions. F him.

  2. Seems like judgement that marriage commitment, raising children isn't of any worth and pretending for entertainment is. Doesn't sound like he's going to be destitute. 30 cars, guess it would look bad to not drive a different car every day of the month.

  3. Don't feel bad for him, he claims to be a feminist. Also he was bringing his mistress to his house with his wife under the guise of her being a coworker and meeting his wife and kids. They sat and ate dinners together and they had no idea who they were eating with other than she's famous. Umbrella dude you may not want to throw shade at her but you should for eating with a mans wife and kids then cheating with him.

  4. They were married 20 odd yrs. I would think the desolation of their marriage was fair. Wee fact, I once worked with a woman who was a neighbour of Ewans mum in Crieff, Scotland. My colleague had a barbecue a few of us went to and Ewans his mum also came we got a nice surprise. Ewan was with her. Really down to earth guy, very chilled.

  5. She said that the divorce was upsetting and disappointing?
    She literally got half of his fortune and more. Yep, completely disappointing for you right Eve? Another woman gets a fortune merely because she is a woman. How nice.

  6. Why does he have to pay so much for 1 kid?
    The other 3 are OVER 18, so are adults and can fend for themselves.

    Plus why spousal support on top of everything else his ex gets?

  7. Wait a minute, they were married for 22 years and have four children together. She is by law entitled to half of what the couple earned during those years — the years that Ewan was making millions of dollars. They married before he was a mega star. He was the cheater, not that it makes any difference in regards to the settlement. If the wife were the big star, it's the same deal. If you don't want the responsibility – don't get married and have kids.

  8. Well, I do not like the guy so I am quite glad that this happened to him. There are quite a few other Hollywooders that I would like to see brought low. Still, if a woman is a woman why does she need to rely on his earnings. 50/50 might only be fair under very particular circumstances, but not this one.

  9. A friendly reminder not to trust male feminists. Or cheaters, male or female. Some cheaters can change and become better people, but most of them remain rotten at their cores for life.