Ex-cop calls for Victorians to fight back now

@Avi Yemini talks to former acting senior sergeant Krystle Mitchell who dramatically quit the force after confronting scenes, some of the officers hitting protesters with their rifles and shooting rubber bullets into the crowd. SHARE the full report:
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Written by Rebel News


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  1. Love is the answer yet they pit us against each other what do you vote/choose love or politics division . I call a no vote of confidence in them but in us we live free dismiss government !live in peace love and prosperityIts not upto the government to give you your jobs or freedom its upto us to not comply with their requests . If you are a employer or a employee a mother father brother sister son or daughter stand for yourself and I will be beside you allIn a free society Surely we should be able to opt out of the left right government ways , surely !! a right to vote no !. Morals will guide my law for me that would consist of no victim no crime !What about the right to not participate or be bound by anothers beliefs???Stop participating with government we all know they dont help us they just steel our money and write legistration that makes us criminals with no victim , well actually that makes us the victim to their crimes🤔 . . Stop paying tax your supporting themPhiser 2.3 billion in criminal convictions, moderna sponsored by god fouchi never made a vaxx pŕeviously, but. Aledgedly helped fund covid research in Wuhan previous to outbbreak.Johnson n jonhson 34 thousand lawsuits for Ovarian cancer from baby powder and they new. decades before  . But parents cant look after our kids health we trust you government sponsored by phisor because you care more about us than we do. FACT CHECKED thankss.Dismiss all government do not be complicit with policy , the only trueth is No victim no crime that will set us all free 528 💚
    FTP 🎥but be aware the governments plan is to diminish the force so they can create another emergency and bring in marshall law . We need police but we want one law no victim no crime innocent until proven guilty

  2. It's criminal that our medical community is still not allowed to treat covid. Some serious law suits need to go out soon. How many more billionaires will be made this year. In 2021 COVID made almost 500 new billionaires.

  3. I was initially worried that she being a muh diversity and inclusion officer that she may be too woke. But she explained herself that she's for removing barriers to success to minorities (there are none, just imaginary barriers created by radical leftist).

  4. Doing math to show how insane this is:
    Australian covid numbers:
    Population 25M
    Covid deaths: 2072
    Wait what? A .008 of a percent? You have more chance dying from a grasshopper and no one has done math?
    Why aren’t people getting bashed up for potential suicide thoughts? This is outrageous!

  5. You should be ashamed of yourselves attacking your own citizens. You should all be held accountable and charged by separate citizens for crimes against humanity and face the citizens court. RESIGN NOW U SCUMBAGS

  6. Liberal Democrats btw are pretty based (despite their name 😆) they would be my first choice but UAP has the best chance since they're bigger and more well funded to get into power and make significant change

  7. Australia is a democracy? Who is the government supposed to serve, and who are the police supposed to serve. How can these people call themselves public servants, or claim to serve the public? My respect to this woman.

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