Ex-Intel Officials Backpedal Over Hunter Laptop Story

Now that it’s become clear that Hunter Biden’s laptop was NOT a Russian disinformation campaign despite the professional “assessment” of dozens of intelligence operatives, well, now is time for the backpedaling and finger-pointing to begin. And leading that cowardly charge is former Director of National Intelligence and noted perjurer James Clapper who is now trying to pretend that he never said anything about “disinformation” and that it was Politico who misrepresented his words.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger review precisely what Clapper said about the Hunter Biden laptop when it made news and rate him a terrible liar.

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  1. They lied… it is just what they do.
    Never trust anyone that was ever involved with intel.
    If they say they were, they are likely lying. Because as exit briefed… they can’t say they were in intel

  2. It is appalling the damage done by vilifying Russia. Covering up domestic political corruption at the same time ginning up the next (at that time) military confrontation with Russia. 1950's McCarthy era red scare redux.

  3. Hey Aaron, it’d be cool if you were to emulate Jimmy correctly and make an annoying face every time Kurt speaks and subsequently try to ignore him and just keep reading the slides.

    Not meant as a knock against Kurt btw, although he does speak too much at times. It’s meant as a knock against jimmy

  4. Time and time again, you really have to wonder about the average American. Take the statement, it had all the ear marks of a Russian influence campaign.

    Parse that out. Evidence of the influence campaign depends on the ear marks. In Japanese there’s the word tatoeba which means for example. All the ear marks, tatoeba..

    If I say the dough shows all the ear marks of being ready for the oven, tatoeba:

    -it’s doubled in size
    -there’s small visible bubbles under the skin
    -a fragrant wine and yeasty smell is coming from under the tea towel

    There would be no doubt to get the dough in the oven.

    Question: why can we be told there are ear marks without being told what those ear marks are? Ear marks? Tatoeba?

  5. Schiff falling for the Russian crank call is one of the funniest things I've heard. Complete bozos are leading the country, people who can't even sense comedy never mind pull off deception. There is a distinct personality type among many of these left pols as well. It's like obedient tattle tale kids who went on to be drama club nerds who ran for class president. Still major dorks and unfit leaders.

  6. Other than some d-picks does the laptop actually have anything that's legit? If there was damning verified information there's no doubt we'd know by now, so I suspect there's actually nothing. Also, as an independent I gotta say I wouldn't believe anything Bannon tampered with, literally NOTHING! So at this point if its not verified its false made up garbage in my book. I know a story like this is the typical garbage with no substance meant to rile a base make money and nothing else because at the end of the day Hunter wasn't even running for president, lol.

  7. Didn’t Joe Biden state in the debates that the laptop was fake and then brought up the 51 intel officials proving the story was Russian disinformation. Did no one reach out to the 51, if they did not watch the debate themselves. They could have straightened out the misstatement from Biden before the election?

  8. When we lie to the Govt it's a crime. When the Govt lies to us its called politics.

    These people need worse than prison. It's going to take generations to fix the damage Bidens people have done. If it's fixable

  9. As I understand it now, the FBI had the stinking laptop for most of 2020, so you think a Director of Nat. Intel would know something of the veracity. They are either incompetent or lying, no other choices. But as in other white-collar crimes of fraud, you take your bonus and go sailing. We are a nation of rich lawyers.

  10. The FBI and the CIA are some of the biggest villains in American history. I'm not being hyperbolic. And it's not right-wing or left-wing. Whether they're propagandizing us into Iraq, entrapping Muslim men with contrived terror plots, or pushing fake RussiaGate conspiracy theories; they're a hugely destructive force in American political machinations.

  11. Back peddling after they got their anti-American man elected is useless. The whole world is suffering because of it because Trump would of stopped the Ukraine war from happening.
    Remove their U.S. citizenship and exile them to Ukraine.

  12. He talks about the "timing" the computer shop owner turned it over to the FBI months before he contacted Giuliani and they just sat on it and were never going to do anything with the information.

  13. I live in Australia..but USA is being taken down.thats obvious..but . Australia is already a wef 2030 player…but very few Aussies seem to notice or care..apathstralia

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