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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Richard Grenell (Former Acting Director of National Intelligence & Former US Ambassador to Germany) about the Deep State, President Trump, how tech is disrupting diplomacy with international partners and gives an insider’s look at how Antifa could be affected by President Trump. Richard first gives an insider’s take on what exactly the “deep state” is. He shares how the DC elites make decisions for the rest of America while bearing little to no consequences for them. Richard discusses how Donald Trump has functioned as a disrupter to the way that Washington DC operates. Richard also discusses what Donald Trump refers to as Obamagate. Richard gives an insider’s look at how Barack Obama and his administration weaponized intelligence agencies like the FBI, CIA, and NSA to investigate Michael Flynn using James Comey and how this led to Russiagate hysteria. Finally he discusses what tactics could be used to deal Antifa for their connection to the violent riots across the country.

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Former Acting Director of National Intelligence
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  1. I really like Grendel….thank you for exposing the truth….God puts you were you need to be….God speed good health….now the shit will hit the fan….

  2. Very similar to the communist party only they use the economy verses violence to accomplish their control. How can we the people downsize the government?

  3. Obama was and is the Catalyst of divining America, bringing in communist, giving Antifa and blm criminals , a platform funded by himself, Clinton, Soro and God knows who else. CoVid I believe was intentional, and the Floyd issue open the door.
    No Russian intervention, nothing other that Trump won and their agenda went to shit.

  4. Excellent interview! I have the greatest respect for Rick Grenell. I pray that he remains cancer free. We need more men like him to lead our country. God will direct his steps. In the meantime, that gin and tonic sounds good. God bless him and the Rubin Report!

  5. We should have a party of ANTIDEEPSTATEACRATS because if we'd call it TRUMPACRATS too many would dismiss it as a Trump thing .the media is trying to define why we all voted for Trump and still support what he is trying to tell Americans to wake the hell up

  6. A full on genuine person! No false modesty, false patriotism, or "words only" sympathy! I would LOVE to see him as Governor of California (assuming there still IS a California)! His political wisdom and clarity is DEEPLY needed in these chaotic times!

  7. The nation owes a debt of gratitude to this man. What a brave Son of a Gun. I feel better about the future of our country, we've got principled people like him…..thanks Dave for this interview…. Mr. Grenell is a hero in my book.

  8. Hillary once said, not to long ago. "If they new what we were up to. They'd hang us all" and in 2015 the Queen said. "Enjoy your last Christmas. What did she mean by that?

  9. There are lots of Grenells that have applied for jobs. Truth is, unless you’re already connected to the swamp by blood or marriage, gay and definitely not white, you’ll never even get a letter acknowledging your resume or application

  10. A political class that rules us like royalty when their job is to serve the citizens. They need a beating to remind them what their job is.

  11. Same problem on a much smaller scale in the UK and other Western countries
    This was the ambassador that Merkel didn't like probably because he was very outspoken.
    In the UK its the Westminter bubble
    How about him and Flynn in Charge of the FBI and CIA

  12. All of Washington DC, Most city, county and federal employees, medical professionals and teachers continued to get paid during the pandemic lock down.

  13. Dear Richard, I thank God for your dedication to America, but honestly, your sexuality is none of our business. That's a private matter. Can't you just define yourself as an American human being and patriot and leave it at that? If not, maybe you should do some soul searching. Love and prayers to you.

  14. had this tab up in for weeks. finally watched. Such a relaxed and informative interview. Par for the course on Rubin Report, but Grenell spells out the stuff I wanted to hear and Dave asked questions I wanted answers to in his easy-going way. Thanks both.

  15. "Drain the swamp." means to remove the corruptionby exposing it and make it impossible to remain corrupt by no longer having a place to hid.

  16. Richard you are a very honest man..It was a pleasure to hear you speak on Rubin report.. I try to catch you where every I can. I thinks it;s so important to have a person like you in government to take out the Swamp creatures and also support the champions which you are , along with people who support our constitution, bill of rights and our founding fathers who gave us a real reason to live here and appreciate this beautiful country, the american people, our God who tells us we are spirits with a body not a body with a spirit. You should be proud, and we are proud of you and people like you..Love you