Ex-Intelligence Dir: How Biden Created & Worsened Crises | Richard Grenell | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence & former US Ambassador to Germany, about how Joe Biden helped create the conditions for the Ukraine war, the sad truth about Kamala Harris, how Donald Trump would have handled the Russia nuclear threat, and how Joe Biden’s failure in ending America’s ‘forever war’ in Afghanistan destroyed the reputation of the US throughout the world. First, Richard talks about how the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is trying to correct the 16 years of mistakes made by Angela Merkel. Since the invasion of Ukraine, Germany has reversed course by paying all of the money it owed NATO, as well as ending the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to end it’s dependence on Russian oil. Richard explains how Joe Biden’s worst foreign policy decisions have backfired, like ending Russian sanctions before the invasion, and taking the Houthis off of a terrorist black list. Richard also explains the true dangers of identity politics by explaining clearly how someone as unqualified as Kamala Harris can get ahead by being rewarded for simply being a black woman. Finally, Richard shares how even Democrats in the foreign service that he talks to miss the pro-America vision of Donald Trump, compared to the feckless leadership of Joe Biden. He talks about the one thing that Biden said pertaining to the Afghanistan War that shocked leaders around the world and proved that the US was on a bad path. He also shares why there are so many immigrants for Trump and what white liberals could learn from them about the greatness of America.

Watch Dave Rubin’s PREVIOUS FULL interview with RICHARD GRENELL:

0:00 Intro
1:33 Why is Ric still in Cali?
3:13 What should America’s role be in foreign policy?
7:21 Did things change once Biden took office / America First Policy?
13:17 What is Joe Biden’s foreign policy?
15:57 Is Biden’s team competent?
20:01 Draining the swamp in DC
24:53 Would any of this be happening if Trump was president?
29:30 How to get honest information to Americans
31:00 Why so many minority demographics love America more than white liberals
33:56 How to push back the media narrative
35:36 Woke corporations and the media on Russia
39:49 Will you come to Florida?

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Former Acting Director of United States National Intelligence
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  1. Love you and your show and everything but cannot cannot cannot agree with you guys having a child. I’m NOT RELIGIOUS at all… but at the same time I cannot agree with this. This is the downfall of society. Again, I’m and atheist but cannot and will not agree with this. You’re actually the reason our country is going to collapse. Love you Dude but cannot get with the program of you and your HUSBAND having and raising a child. Sorry Dave.
    We’ll see how it goes from here but pretty sure I’m done with you after that. Rome is Falling and you’re adding to the problem.

  2. Obama as a puppet master? are you kidding me? He is as much of a puppet as GW was with Cheney and Rumsfeld hands in his ass. Obama was hand picked by the kommie koolaid krew to be their puppet, he barely did anything as a politician before replacing Hillary. He is NO puppet master, its just the same hands that were in his ass are back in the cabinet controlling brandon's colon.

  3. I hate it when Obama and Harris are referred to as black. They are NOT black! They are bi-racial. Both of them deny one parent and one half of their ethnicity by allowing people to call them black.
    Obama is white.
    Harris is Indian.
    Don't like the sound of this? Why are they so ashamed of this heritage?

  4. You think that the U.S. is the greatest country in the world because YOU aren't trying to raise a family on $10 per hour. I left the U.S. and I have never regretted it. I lived for two years in Belarus and I loved it. I now live in Albania and I'm even more happy. I tell the people in Eastern Europe who talk about going to U.S. that it is a decent plan if you have 20 years or more of career left and you have a perfectible University degree. If not, you won't find it to be much different. Except the people around you are richer. But that is happening here, now, too. The U.S. isn't bad, but it is only great for about 20% of the population.

  5. I’m born, raised and have lived in SoCal for almost 70 years. California is no longer recognizable as the beautiful state we used to be. Richard isn’t exaggerating when he said democrats are running California like a third world country. It breaks my heart and scares the living daylights out of most of us. We can’t go for walks at night anymore, can’t go shopping without being harassed or just watching people just walk in to stores, fill up bags, and walking out. Carjacking is happening everywhere now too. Home robberies, vandalism, drugs flooding the streets and filth taken over. Gangs run the streets and own the streets not just at night but during the day now too. And not just gangs…illegals that have bad intentions have literally taken over here. The general hospitals, county social services offices and family services are overwhelmed with illegals. Illegals giving birth at our hospitals have quadrupled. Tuberculosis, meningitis, STD’s et al, are spreading like wildfire. If/when we leave California, it will break my heart, but cause a serious hardship on me and mine. I literally hate Newsom and his democratic cronies that have literally destroyed my beautiful home state.

  6. Dave… we've got another Liberal to add to your list of guys who pet the Liberal snake for decades… and now are complaining that the snake has turned and started eating them. Jon Stewart has a podcast and is now going on a rampage against the evils of radical Leftism. F-ing yawn. Suddenly, Jon Stewart agrees with 90% of Conservative talking points? The guy did nothing but mock the stupidity of Conservatives for the last 30 years. Dave, you're the only one who calls these people out on their hypocrisy and doesnt let them get away with acting like they've been geniuses their entire lives. Please, do a show on Jon Stewart.

  7. I have no idea why this "man" claims to represent the conservatives, while "he" and his "husband" are buying a couple of kids….disgusting and wrong…bye bye Blaze, you're all liars.

  8. I am a conservative but I just cant listen to this nonsense. Sorry. If you want to know whats wrong with American foreign policy see the work of John Mearsheimer.

    Neo-conservatism is not conservatism it is simply liberalism in foreign policy, and it has destroyed our power and prestige in the world. This weakness is threaded through both of these idiot Political parties.

    Donald Trump tried to change this horrible situation but he was shouted down by both parties. Don't let them fool you.

    Why are the Democrats different? They are criminals who attempted to overthrow the President of the United States. No quarter given.

  9. I differ with Ric on one point. In 1994 the United States promised to protect Ukraine if they would give up their nukes. Not to mention Biden's corruption in that country which weakened it. You break it you fix it.

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