Ex-Liberal Andrea Tokaji unleashes on Human Rights violations in Australia!

Ex-Liberal Party of Australia candidate and Legal academic Andrea Tokaji from Western Australia goes to the air with the Aussie Cossack in Defence of Australia’s Freedom comparing the current Australian government to the regime of Communist Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Like, share and subscribe before they Ban this controversial interview! For all enquires contact
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Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. Simeon, its a joy to see you grow in your unmoving tenacity, your quest for truth and justice and your respect for humanity. The lies, the coercion, the deliberate manipulation by the media, the Politicians and the health authorities is despicable and will not be forgotten. I stand in civil disobedience against the tyranny that is currently rising in Australia.

    • From Forest Bird
      To Forest Worm!
      Well spoken indeed! Bravo!
      I fly in civil disobedience against the tyranny of the Eugenicist – Globalist Agenda 2021-2030 hell bent in culling the human herd by planned pandemics ,,, and Quadrovalent Flu Winter Vaccines plus all the Corona ViruseS Disease 2019 experimental SHOTS & all their ever increasing boosters …. injected in human-Lab-Rats, “FOR THE REST OF OUR LIFE!” COMMANDED Dr. K. CHAD IN THE PRESENCE of the EX disgraced PREMIER of New South Wales in Sydney Australia, at a complicit Press Conference shortly before the premier’s resignation.

      The wicked Dr. insulted all Australian citizens (the hands (tax $$) that feeds her and her Eugenicist Company.
      She insulted us as she callously commanded: –
      “You better get used to it …bla bla bla…., . for the rest of your life!!”.

      What an evil duo! One is down … two more to go.

  2. 45:48 Well said ! Putin is a great man by the way,…and so is Xi. They love their countries, and fight for them everyday. Russia and also China is winning, because they are nationalist. Russia and China TODAY, are NOT communists, not even if the Chinese still use the name in their government they inherited. Communism doesn’t work, and doesn’t win, but they are winning. China, utilises true Corporatism. ( people representation, the Australian government researched this, and confirmed it I have links but censorship will not allow me to leave them ) . Russia also uses this type of nationalist policy. Glοβαlιςτ Corporations, have no power in China nor Russia…this is what we need to achieve. Russia and China, is NOT the enemy, unless we allow the glοβαlιςτς oligarchy, who runs a monopoly over our governments, to throw us into more cold and hot wars.

  3. Fantastic exchange of dialogue brother very informative measured and some fantastic worthy and value points raised…Jesus wins 🙏 the power of prayer and faith standing side by side god willing we will crush this demonic system …We can't rely on false hopes or political parties we need GOD first and foremost he wants our hearts in repentance only then will we see the restoration …We have forgotten our faith and as they say the moment we start taking things for granted is when the things we were granted will all get taken 🙏

  4. I can’t get to Oz, citizen, my son can’t leave ( 10k ) the protest should continue untill it cannot be repeated . The useful idiot ( corrupt) politicians need to go, all of them , forever

  5. 57:38 They are representing, the shadowy glοβαlιςτ oligarchy ( the monopoly, that the oligarchs have manifested into). If you placed a mirror in front of them they would smile as they saw the Anti Christ smiling back.

  6. I love Aussie Cossack and all he is doing on our behalf. Found this discussion trying in one way though as it seemed AC did at least 3/4 of the talking. Exasperating waiting for Andrea to be given a say. Never mind. All in a days good work.

  7. Could you ask her in a follow up email or other correspondence. What would you say to a budding lawyer who is finishing their degree but is affected by this situation and essentially makes their whole degree and 2 other double majors redundant, as they are not able to join the workforce in which they've devoted and will devote almost 6 years to… maybe Mz Tokaji could give some guidance to my friend on what angles to pursue.

  8. 1:04:35 Don’t be manipulated, …the CCP isn’t our enemy, and they don’t want to get involved in our Drama. Everything you think you know about the CCP is informed by FακεΝεως. Do some independent research, …just as we have had FακεΝεως war propaganda about Russia, so we have had about China. It’s all lies, and they are desperate to lead us into a hot war, if they can. If they manage to kick off WW3, it will be in Australia’s backyard, ….not the Middle East. It will get very real , very quickly.

  9. I will suggest please name those parties with their full name and the short names that are going to be on the election lists to be honest I don't know what nationals and Democrats are you talking about. I was not involved in politics before, I crossed them all off the list at the last federal election so I am not sure who should I vote for and not include by mistake one of these malicious parties! Make it clear for people, make a comprehensive list please!

  10. Dear good man Cossack,
    Your work is imperative, your ideas to putt light on problem in this country and resolving them is on right path ; SPOT ON ". Incredible, I know you are " GREAT MAN ". Your way is right way. 🙏 Here, everything is rong because government is addict to corrupt money ; which NOW THEIR have sell US, PEOPLE TO CHINA, new teroryzing totalitarian controling system, horror. This is very serious psychological propagandistick war against humanity in order to change system, depopulisation, great reset and much more, nothing honourable. Now we all can see who their are,.
    God bless you Cossack and your wife. 😇 😇 😇

  11. President (Dr. PhD) Putin is a great Russian, possibly the greatest in modern time!
    He too grew up under a tyrannical system, and has made it mandatory for ALL Russian High School students to read Aleksander Solzhenitsyn’s works, especially “The Gulag Archipelago’. in order for history not to repeat itself by being informed about the horrendous Soviet past which was formulated, administered and managed by Khazarian Talmudic Zionists, and their affiliated International Banksters (House of Rothschild).
    Communism was never run out of Moscow, Beijing and Havana; it was effectively and essentially run out of *New York (the *’Empire State’, re; ‘The Empire Strikes Back’)!!
    This is Global World War Four, w/ World War Three being the Cold War which had hot proxie wars that erupted globally in different nations since August 1914, post the formation of the privately-owned ‘Federal Reserve Bank’ in 1913.
    The main tool for WW4 is the Covid Hoax…the Freemasons, Illuminati, Khazarian Zionists and International Banksters are not letting this created crisis go to waste.
    See Robert F. Kennedy’s book about Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the crimes against humanity that this particular ‘doctor’ has committed…
    Reporter Anthony J. Hilder summed this up in several 1990’s-era videos, namely in ‘Millennium 2000’ exposing the Illuminati, Freemasons, and tyrannical Globalists who ‘want it all’ Tony noted that “War has been declared against you! War has been declared against your wife, children and mother! There is nothing you have that they aren’t PLANNING TO TAKE AWAY!’ (see Klaus Schwab’s video ‘You will own nothing and be happy!”) Total Super Communism propaganda, and the Soy Boys love it!!!
    First off, you will have to engage with our Creator, and the teaching of his anointed.
    Second, you will have to get firearms in countries where they are still available. And in
    In nations where they are not available, you will have to construct ‘ghost guns’ on your kitchen tables.
    The mission is laid out in the 1946 Tennessee Veteran’s uprising that stopped a corrupt politician who committed vote fraud in that state. See this on YouTube!
    I hope Andrea and Simeon can stand in the smaller alternative political parties.
    In New Zealand, the Outdoors & Freedom Party, the New Conservatives, the former New Zealand Public Party and the Advance Party are hopefully going to form a super coalition to get rid of both Labour and National, both of whom have sold-out New Zealand to the Zio-Communist bankers (John K@y, former NZ PM was just such a PM…)

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