Ex Partner FLIPS ON Joe Biden, Biden Signed Off on Foreign Deals, Made MILLIONS From Communist China

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  1. Inviting G7 to his resort would save us taxpayers lots of money, Tim. Trump said he would do it for free, maybe some expense charge, no profit. Get your facts strait, it's is no difference if he invited G7 to his house, his properties are his house as well

  2. Donald Trump's personal business dealings prior to being elected president is irrelevant. Dont even compare it to Joe Biden using his position as vice president to make millions from foreign actors. They are NOT comparable in the least. It's not just Biden,either. The Clintons have been at this for decades. Hillary's private server was likely accessable to anyone for a price. The only reason to have it was to have an unsecured portal to information. When you've been in politics your entire life and are worth tens of millions of dollars you are corrupt and a criminal. Dont tell me these people wrote a book and got paid for speeches. Hillary Clinton isnt interesting enough to sell millions of copies of books. We've all heard these people speak. Nothing they've ever said was worth a dime. No one pays these people to give a speech. It's all a racket to launder the money they stole while in office. Hillary's last book was in the bargain bin about a week after it came out. For like $3.99 Yet we accept that they all made 65 million on book sales and that people pay them $250,000 to speak for 30 minutes. Hillary Clinton has NEVER said anything that made me want to continue listening to her and certainly has never shown any sign that she has anything of value rattling around in her evil head. We listened toObama rattle on for eight years and if anything someone should have paid him to stfu.

  3. Tim! What doesnt make sense about letting people stay in his Hotel/Motel just because the President owns them. If he is giving them discounts to save our governent money so be it. Actually that's a business brain. Let them stay at Trump for $3000.00 instead of the Hilton for $10,000. Because I'm sure since the goverment is paying that's what people do. They quadruple it since the government is paying.

  4. Dude as a vet, I would have loved the opportunity to stay at a Trump resort during my time in the service. Has anybody asked those service members how they felt about it?

  5. If Biden wins Nov 2020 The United States of America will be owned by the CCP. The Democrats might as call themselves the Communist Party of America at that point. The only winners would be the Socialists/Communists and The Leftist Cultists (only for the short term). The rest of of the "Disunited" States of America would be oppressed until there is a "very messy" civil war.
    Bitchute comment

  6. They are all corrupt and making money off of foreign investments. Do you really think all of these people would be promoting globalism so hard if there was nothing in it for them? Our citizens hate it, but they keep doing it.

  7. When Russia was putting bounties to kill US troops, why Trump did not ask to Putin when he met? Will that question jeopardize Trump’s Organizations business relationship with Russia?
    I guess we all understood now.. No one- Trump or Biden is working in the favor for American people. Everyone is trying to make money by making fool out of Americans.

  8. I hope and pray all Americans will open their eyes and their minds and at least want to know the truth. This effects all of us regardless of political affiliation. Please America demand the truth!!

  9. Trump wins, the Democrat 'Tower of Baradur' collapses to ruin.

    Biden wins, we all die.

    This is good vs evil. Don't deceive yourselves into believing anything less.

  10. Just imagine a cartoon version of whatever or whoever the parties are who play the tune that so many of these media outlets, companies, social media websites, all to sing and dance to, whoever it is making the calls that gets this array of different brands and people and politicians to change their narrative in lock step with each other, by the hour, adopting new positions simultaneously with each other and parroting them until reality starts closing in, and they get another call with another new narrative.

    If you can picture that, just real cartoony like Dr. Evil style but they're all 100 years old, in wheelchairs with oxygen tanks and weird technology keeping them alive…

    I am dreaming of the moment where they all decide at once they're just sick of the incompetence and they want to press the Establishment reset button. They call up the media outlets and tell them 'Burn it. All the way up. to Pelosi, everyone implicated. Saaacccriiiffiiicceee themmmmm' they say it in a reallly evil slow 100 year olds voice.

    How funny would it be to see them all just thrown to the wolves, or the Wolf Blitzers, deep down inside I think Chris Cuomo would be in his glory. He sees a rally and all he sees is a party, his mind is telling him yes but his shackles say no

  11. The guy knew he was going to be the fall guy. Maybe he got trapped in the middle, realizing that if he crossed them while they were doing what they were doing, that they would destroy him. But it's clear that he's coming forward because they would have made him the fall guy.

  12. it does show the huge size difference of the deadstream media and any conservative voice like evil has grown gigantic. The conservatives trying to fight for truth look like David fighting against goliath the Philistine. Truth can be like a bullet when every single thing about the core of your politics is corrupt

  13. Where is the president supposed to have these conventions or meetings when hotels and businesses who didn't vote for him won't allow the president to use their facility? Trump owns his own resorts and golf courses, hotels…I don't object to the president using his own properties to do govt business. F 'em all. The Bush's didn't stop driving their cars or sell their Bin Laden oil stock when they became president. Or say "Don't buy this gas, buy the other one at the pump so it's not a conflict of interest, I'm president now."

  14. So just because this guy happened to have his family members fight for Israel he believes he was entitled to clearly illegal and shady buisness dealings? Sounds like it. He is doing this so he doesn't get Arkanacided, only remorse is that he got caught. Either way I will take the corroboration, I guess.