Ex Police Second Speech

Full video coming later

Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. The State of Emergency (SOE) and the Dan’s Pandemic Bill 2021 have consistently been supported by the Greens, Reason Party and Animal Justice Party.

    So make sure you don’t give these parties YOUR VOTE!

  2. I predict a rash of insurrections around the world starting in early 2022. Unlike last year's "insurrection" in DC on the 6th, the upcoming insurrections are more likely to be "mostly peaceful protests". Hopefully ANTIFA hasn't got a copyright on the name CHAZ. No wait, of course they haven't since they don't really exist and are just an idea.

  3. I love my sunburnt country🌄
    Land of sweeping plains.🌅
    We ARE UNITED. 👥🚣‍♂️🚵‍♀️👤🤾‍♀️👤👥👥

  4. Face nappies. That's it. The diarrhea was passed around by the introverted fear nerds with glasses. And the blue pansy boys are always waiting out to enforce their fear laws. A) the anti-faith seat-belt B) the anti-faith helmet C, D, E-Z
    To the blue pansy boy, fear is 'safety'. 'Faith' blue pansy boy has no idea about. Any more than nerd glasses boy.

  5. Break into parliament, pull Andrews and his corrupt cronies out with him, and put him on trial infront of the world for crimes against humanity. So many lives and livelihoods destroyed under the guise of a new strain of flu!

  6. The mask is a symbol, of forcing people to put on and wear their own chains. Social Programming. It is also a reminder and constant source of Fear. The psychologists who planned this attack were very thorough, although… WHERE are all of the Mandatory Hazardous-Materials Mask Disposal units?!! They should be EVERYWHERE!!! But there is never even a mention of just how "deadly" a used mask really IS!!

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