Ex President suggests catastrophe


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  1. None of the other ex presidents have any suggestions. Trump is not a dumb guy. Now, Putin is going to be busy looking for the Chinese planes. Haha. trump is always rattling someone’s chains. Now the Chinese is saying. Holy crap.

  2. And Trump was the best candidate the Reps could put forward for the Presidency ….. unbelievable ! His suggestion that the Chinese flag fly on every bomber over Russia is as real as the "drink bleach…inject bleach" suggestion he made in a Covid Press briefing. No doubt, the man is mentally ill but some worship him and therein lies the problem.

  3. I hate Trump he is an idiot. Putin got him as President and conceded Hillary Clinton wants to be FIRST Female President one giant ego driven people. Putin control as anyone could by telling him he is so smart, big, wise, special etc. US Nazis, others who are hate driven, the wealthy that believe they could easily make more money by easily manipulating him.
    And even smart people that he was isn't insane as they the way he rants and talks treating. Hilters plan on taking over Germany who had fincial problems lost WW 1 and were charged too much and mad about it. Hilters slogan was Make Germany great again,
    TRUMPS MAKE America Great Again, so on. Trump knows nothing of War are violence as he is draft dodger and physical coward. He would not visit the dead soldiers calling them losers. He ups people by fear and hate.
    If lost millions he was born very wealth but he lost most of it. He would not pay contrators who built buildings but paid lawyers to handle all suits and keep him from paying taxes. He his first wife knew business got him to where he was but divorced her for Megain like mistress, smart business women 1st wife got millions as she should and still used the Trump brand that his father and she made. He got a TV show with scripts written by others to make him appear like he really was t.u.f.f. leading business man and people believed him to be that. Others lime Putin ran plan to get elected and many would NOT vote for bad name Hillary. So history repeats itself and Hilter (much dumber Hilter) becomes President of USA. He cares not for people (soliders, workers, middle, lower class people, soliders, etc.)
    As long as someone is telling him how great and smart he is. So yes he would jump into World ending war easy and quite.
    Because it makes him look and play tuff. He thinks and acts like dictator he is easily controlled by Putin and China, and others who can easily see what he.
    needs and give them what they want. And like Hilter the USA would be defeated and more broken.

  4. I think that this just highlights Trumps crazy sense of humour. Whilst it did make me laugh, and I doubt it was said with any real intention behind it….it is definitely dangerous!!! But not intended to be acted upon….by anyone.

  5. President Trump was being sarcastic. Now people especially people on The Left and The Left Leaning Woke media will take off with his sarcasm. Sarcastic remark is what it was. That's it. No more than that.

  6. People in other countries did not get the true news. Trump was the worst president and did a lot of harm to our country. He’s a crook, who sold our country out. Do your homework. He’s a horrible person many died because of his behavior and lack oh knowledge.

  7. With Trump I believe "we know his an arse"..Maybe it is because I have black humor that I like him?..However, I do think he needs to control he's Freudian Slips!!

  8. So there you have it, Trump is nuts, been nuts and no better than putin, and yes reckless in everything he did in America, we lived it and not good at all, so no, the few not dangerous things he did, a chimpanzee could of accomplished, the rest were in putins honor to be putins 2nd in command. Do not be fooled.

  9. Trevor, Colonel Richard Kemp was on FOX TV last night being interviewed by Mark Levin, the interview was calm, gripping and so brilliant sensible. Such a brilliant man, yes you are right about the Colonel and you as a 21 year veteran have the right to comment on more so than the loon heads on TV stations and local TV.. Please Carry on with your comments and rants..your sensible opinions on Prince Andrew also give people food-for-thought..

  10. Trump's humor…smh…but, I'm still a fan of his. If Trump were in office, Putin wouldn't be in Ukraine. Putin may be tough but Trump is crazy tough and resilient. He's a deterrent for bad global characters.

  11. I can see the humor in President Trump’s remarks, and if he were still in office, I believe Putin would not have invaded Ukraine. As crazy as President Trump’s remarks may seem to some, they pale in comparison to the actual comments and actions of Biden and Harris. These two take the cake for being the worst President and VP in the history of the USA, and they are driving the country into the ground. Considering what Hillary and her thugs were allowed to do against President Trump, I have no problem believing the DemoRATS tampered with the election results. There were suspicious things happening when votes were tallied from voting machines, and lest we forget, ballots were distributed by the millions via mail and households received multiple ballots without the recipients requesting one. When President Trump was elected President, one of my liberal friends posted on FB that she was very frightened that he would lead us into war. She thought him so irresponsible that war with Korea was inevitable. Well, that didn’t happen. When Biden was elected, she celebrated on FB with her father-in-law and both agreed that something would now get done. I don’t know what they wanted done but I hope they are enjoying a President who is cognitively depleted and responsible for the Afghanistan debacle, unemployment, inflation, and a host of other misguided decisions.

  12. I did support Trump in 2016 & 2020 as I overlooked the petty nonsense he engaged himself in with the left! However, he needs to quit making stupid statements as he has lost me as a supporter. We need serious leadership not insane quips to drive the 24 hr news cycle! I'm looking at Ron DeSantis, Mike Pompeo and Nicky Hailey as serious contenders for the Republican nomination. I hope all three come out swinging next year when the campaign for the presidential race gets into full swing. Trump needs to sit back, shut up and be a kingmaker and not seek the nomination himself as this would only ensure a Democrat is reelected!

  13. Great video Trevor, I get your point. Donald Trump is an aggressive business man, like yourself, he done fantastic for for his country. If he were still in office, would he do that, I doubt it. He's a bit off the cuff but he's not stupid aka he has the nutter gene lol.
    That being said, per a previous comment, wouldn't he be brilliant in the UK. Give bumbling Boris and cranky the boot. We live in hope. Cheers 👍

  14. Trevor have you ever read up on "Continuity of Government" (CoG) in the US? In my opinion the US is under undeclared military rule with Trump out of the picture for now. Biden is the US President true – but he is not what is even more important – Commander in Chief (CinC). Both totally separate roles under the Constitution. The fact that the Marines haven't been sent over yet should tell you that,. in fact I heard the 82nd Airbnorne were ordered to go by the Biden Administration but their General (Berger I believe) said he didn't recognize Biden as the President.

    We are in a real wartime situation here.

  15. I’m not sure he meant anything to be funny. Rather using his “shock comedy” to bring light to the task at hand… if we give Russia and China enough slack to organize their end game together… bye bye America!
    It’s literally what Joe and his commie administration is facilitating RIGHT NOW!!!
    Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!!!’nn

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