EXCELLENT NEWS: Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Effective on 699 Patients

The Hydroxy treatment appears to be working so far! In an exclusive interview, Dr. Vladmir Zelenko shares with us a preliminary study outlining that out of his 699 patients treated, he has had ZERO deaths, ZERO intubations, and four hospitalizations.

In today’s episode of Common Sense, Dr. Zelenko breaks it down and gives a lucid explanation of the rationale behind his treatment. If you have been following the COVID-19 outbreak, this is a do not miss!

Dr. Zelenko’s document is available to you by subscribing at

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Written by Rudy W. Giuliani


  1. the chinese discovered all this stuff because of MERS and SARS. then put it to use with corona2019. azithromycin blocks the entry point (ace2) of the virus. alveoli have the highest concentration of ace2 receptors in the body.

  2. CAN'T LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES? The MSM is CULPABLE…where's the DOJ regarding 'freedom of the press' to incite riots, where's the DOJ regarding antifa, members of Congress who are clearly part of the deep state,
    where are WE when many members of Congress need to be voted out by US. I agree with Peter Schweizer and many of his books like 'THROW THEM ALL OUT'.
    Are We going to Allow Fascism, Socialism, Hollywood, Congress and MSM to take OUR COUNTRY DOWN!?!?!!
    POTUS woke us up NOW We need to quell the 'LOUDMOUTHS' and treasonous cells(as mentioned above). We need to vote with our $$$ and at the polls. They're slowly chipping away at Our Republic.
    Let's fight the good fight with Prayers, Critical Thinking, and God's Wisdom. Let go of the hatred in our hearts and start Healing our Nation….There's much at stake here.
    It can start with one heart.


    Thank you, Mayor Rudy, for such a great interview. Love your podcast and interview style…very refreshing And inspiring!

  3. Zelenko seem to sync up well with Giuliani who appears to comprehend like a champ. Now how can Giuliano bring the gospel to the world ? At least we now know Giuliani has a good understanding of what Zelenko has been up to. At time of writing this was two months ago.

  4. Drs share how their local state govt has limited their ability to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to their patients AND what we, as Citizens, can do to help them get access to it again! Call Governor, 2 Senators and Representatives and demand answers as to why they are doing this.

    Original IG post link:

    Full video link:

    Other source:

  5. My son’s symptoms went away after he drank an entire bottle of tonic water with zinc and vitamin D!! People are being lied to in the United States! Tonic water has quinine in it! He can’t get it prescribed or OTC which it use to be available until a few months ago!

  6. Hydroxychloroquine belongs to the Quinolone Family of Pharmaceutical Drugs///ALL Big-Pharma Drugs have side effects///side effects of Fluoroquinolone///side effects of Hydroxychloroquine///FDA/AMA /CDC etc. are Glorified Drug Dealers for Big Pharma///British Crown//Pirbright Institute//Gates Foundation//Fauci//United Nation///WHO/CDC etc. are all part of the COVID 19 PlanDemic !!!

  7. And what happened? The corrupted media banned discussion of Hydroxychloroquine; it was banned as a treatment after President Trump discussed it; the President ended up being censored then banned from Twitter and elsewhere as were others; and thousands died who shouldn’t have. Dems: don’t project or spin anymore. The verdict is out on you concerning the Covid manipulation and the election fraud. All of a piece…

  8. Why would anyone need or be pressured to get a vaccine when you have treatments that are this effective and these people that withheld any treatment from the public having access to it should be criminally charged and exposed to to the entire country’s to who and what they are. A murderer!

  9. In the description you describe it as an hydroxy treatment but you'd be better describing it as a chloroquine treatment if you dislike its actual name hydroxychloroquine.

  10. he had a paper describing his success but he didn't easily know how many – common sense raises a red flag – we also don't have figure for how many of the people he treated with his protocol would have had which outcomes if treated with the best alternative currently known and the best alternative at a similar price point. Common sense requires we compare them using well validated and neither discredited statistical methods that we also understand.

  11. I really appreciate the courage of medical doctors (my dad was an ER physician) to grab the bull by the horns to save lives. So many people are hesitant to jump in when things are scary. Just know that if you do do NOT jump in when jumping is critical, people DIE! There is a point where
    It's a FLASH POINT in life. CHOOSE!! And choose NOW! Will you be careful (fear), or will you GRAB ON??

  12. Dosis is the difference between efficiency and toxicity. Part of the problem is that during 2020. Hydro was not given as should. It should be given at the begining of the disease wth zinc, at low doses 5 mg. Instead it was given on patients on ventilators, without zinc and in extremly hightoxic doses 650mg a day.
    That's way the supposed failure. In Africa worked because they receive low doses doses before being real sick