Excess deaths are higher now than during the Covid pandemic – ONS | Jamie Jenkins reacts

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  1. Opinion…this was planned GENOCIDE BY OLIGARTHS AND DEMONS IN FANCY SUITS…WHO (world homicide organization) and WEF (We are Evil Forum) and our crime leaders…May their karma be swift and cruel

  2. You all dumb for doing the dumb dance,,

    Everyone who voted for the new world order,,

    Is being genocided by the new world order,,

    So we can Nuremberg 2.0 Everyone who pushed this garbage,,


    This is how you make a human population smarter

  3. Come on everyone knows the truth. No one's arguing the access deaths,the numbers of all these different people dying and nobody's arguing about the numbers of increased heart problems and heart transplants. So if we're not arguing about that then all we have to do is ask what has changed from before this was happening and what did people introduce into into their lives on a scale of millions and what do all these people have in common? The freaking vaccine of course😐 it's the vaccine.

  4. All vaccinations are dangerous and should be stopped imediately. In Australia a child has 24 different vaccines injected by the the age of 8. Is it a coincidence that Australia has the highest rate of AUTISM in the world.

  5. Very casual coverage of an ongoing tragedy , this is a genocide . There are many people off of this platform that have very compelling evidence of this but no voice in the main stream.

  6. I feel like I’m lying but my friend from middle school I’ve known forever 44 just died a mysterious death w no reason and a decade ago my gf at the time left me for a dude named Sam n he passed away at 45 no reason again both received invincibility from c packages and just died. One of em a month ago one of em a week ago. They only had one thing in common. The approx date of their “inoculation” It’s fkd up I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. The one dude got it so he didn’t have to wear his mask working for Costco supposedly. He’s always been a beer n cigarettes Republican too I was surprised he got it.

  7. My son had the injection and developed an ERP on his EKG. This means that there was inflammatory damage to the heart that interrupted the electrical signal, I asked for them to do telemetry or monitoring at home with a holter monitor they all refused despite his heart rate being bradycardia. He continues with persistent bradycardia. His recent visit follow up showed him having Premature Atrial Contractions, more conduction issues and still with the ERP, which is now a U slope, and still bradycardia. My son is more tired then normal. My guess is this is NOT just a conduction issue. It like all other viral infections affect nerves the ACE 2 sites. The Vagus nerve that innervates the heart, the brain, and the gut. I know they told you all his organs were fine but so did all the Doctors tell me that despite the NIH indicating on their website that ERPs are known to exist in people who have sudden cardiac death. How would you know what the EKG should look like? Go to the Hospital and get copies of your EKGs and then take them to a NURSE and she will honestly tell you what happened because none of the Doctors are doing so. My son was dropped by two doctors because I confronted them on this to get him help and none wanted to be involved its the cancel culture. My sons Doctor says he wont have a SCD but he is still having memory issues, abdominal pain, its the vagus nerve and its from the injection or the actual virus.

  8. Maybe these excess deaths are the actual pandemic we have been hearing about. Maybe they were not being honest when they told us it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

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