Excess deaths, mixed news, lack of data

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More data still required on the nature of the excess deaths

UK Zoe data

The report and the data files

1.48% in England (1 in 65 people)

1.49% in Wales (1 in 65 people)

1.86% in Northern Ireland (1 in 55 people)

1.59% in Scotland (1 in 65 people)

Less than 4 in 10 patients in hospital in England with COVID-19 in October 2022 were being treated primarily for COVID-19

Deaths and excess deaths

Week ending 18 November 2022

471 deaths involving COVID-19 registered in the UK

Deaths involving COVID-19 accounted for 3.6% of all deaths in the UK

(a fall from 4.4% in the previous week)

A total of 13,236 deaths were registered in the UK

7.7% above the five-year average

(941 excess deaths)

The rate of death involving COVID-19 was higher for those with obesity than those without obesity

Those who reported symptoms with their first infection were less likely to be reinfected

2.1 million people in the UK were experiencing self-reported long COVID as of 1 October 2022

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Plants are not good for you….They have limited nutrition and many anti nutrients and inflammatory compounds and we don't need fiber. If you want to lose weight you want to eat a very low carb diet consisting mostly of animal fat and meat with minimum or no plants.

  2. So glad to hear you finally discussing a plant based diet. There is so much evidence to show how this is helping. Our micro biome has played a huge role in who got very sick in this pandemic. I was considered high risk, I am not vaccinated. We are fully whole food plant-based. I as far as I know have not gotten Covid yet. But I have felt my body fight it off several times so perhaps I have and was non symptomatic. Thank you for all you do

  3. Dear dr Campbell sup think ONS and Zoe is good data … it’s not if people aren’t testing then these figures are made up imagine that, I thought you recent stint in cynicism taught you some valuable lessons, but you appear to be falling back into the trap of taken authority as absolution.

  4. I don't understand why in the West people are blaming excess deaths mostly on vaccines. Covid kills, you know. So does the burden on the health system. But.. but… muh complete freedom and human right not to wear a mask to reduce the spread of viruses even if it's only by 10%.

  5. Мне забубенили прививку от ковидки, просроченную на 6 месяцев в августе-сентябре 22г. Страшная аллергия была. Ещё, в Якутии слишком холодно и невозможно дышать холодным воздухом. Это был Спутник.

  6. I only had one lot of vaccinations when it 1st came out. I had to take my father to the hospital which required to be vaccinated. I had my astra vaccine after this I found I could not lift my left arm more then about 10 inches,and that was with effort, for about 6 month.
    Thinking back I knew that this was not something that was normal and began to be suspicious of the whole situation and what they are really doing.My son was then diagnosed with covid.He had no symptoms at all.This increased my suspicion and I began to look and had found your channel. In Australia they were fining people that were seen out in the public and we were told to stay at home.My son was riding his bike along the bike track stopped to drink his apple juice, and was fined.Several months later my son was diagnosed again with covid and said he was okay, he mentioned he fasted and went without food for days and just felt a bit dizzy at times. I don't believe his first diagnoses was covid at all, and probably neither was the 2nd time. When he had his initial virus,I insisted that he stay here with me.I went and brought over hundred dollars worth of disinfectants and glen 20 antibacterical stuff,bleached all his plates in boiling hot water and cleaned everything meticulously What a joke this caused so much stress for what?I I witnessed him laughing, video calling his friends and he had lots of energy. What is this all about? I live in a very small unit and shared the same space why was I not infected? They, the government at the time said maids that were dropping meals off to people infected and isolated in rooms had become infected with this virus?? Scare tactics?
    I believe this is just a way to control us and maybe they are poisoning random people with these vaccinations. The shortages of food, caused them to come up with a solution,they need to reduce the population,and what better way of doing it! Am I a conspiracy enthusiastic 💯

  7. Good day folks indeed a good day from what I can gather here this is the best news on all these subjects for quite some time possibly the whole way and post peak anyway
    To go from 17% to 7% in a couple of weeks still a far cry from acceptable
    By any means but thank someone or something to be better at least
    And still remembering those that we've lost and condolences to those at loss
    I've got no idea how that stat can change in a few weeks like that
    You would think it would be a slower transition
    But I reckon we should take it
    As somewhat positive during these terribly hard times for some
    I honestly don't know how some of you have coped I've been lucky
    A lot have not
    The doc was talking bout the UK mostly I figure
    I'm hoping we see the same trend in Australia it has not been good at all here at present
    Heres hoping
    In the last few days I've seen some presentations on australia in particular that are to say the least enlightening on stats on the what's but not why's
    I'm hoping soon we find those why's
    There's quite a few decisions that have influenced the stats we are seeing not just 1 like is being narrated by some
    There is one monster here that may be recovering somewhat at least in the UK and hopefully australia will follow
    our health systems
    Bit of a way to go I know
    But this is positive
    As I've said before and more than noticed Sweden's approach has both merits and some ghosts but is worth noting
    There is one thing finally I will say if there's not another pandemic soon or even if there is
    Our health care workers that have been hard done by
    By decisions from above if they want their jobs back
    Should be better done by
    Anyone for that matter
    That will help again
    To boost morale and our spirits and that can't hurt in the long run
    If this subject gets to within 3% or so of the historical average I'm out of commenting or debate
    1 loss is too many from any of it
    Or even injuries both physical and emotionally
    From that point it's too fine for me
    I'l haftoo leave it all to the really thorough experts

    I'm hoping I need to use the word condolences less and get closer to home and mine more
    I have wonderful children and grandchildren that need love and my time
    Take care you and yours
    And thank you all for any positive debate calls and even opinions that have and can make a difference and those that have replied or questioned we all need other angles and thoughts thrown at us at times
    It's how we grow and learn

  8. I wouldn't be supposed if the numbers showing now dropping have prob been hijacked. If they really are dropping be ready for another plan-demic to get the pop down.. These powers that be are ruthless and run the media and the who, where you prob getting your numbers from… God bless you

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