Excess deaths since April now equal to virus deaths beyond the initial virus peak in 2020

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Written by Politico


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  1. I wonder what experimental drug all these people took, say in the last couple of years, could be causing these deaths. One thing for certain it is working exactly what it was made for.

  2. “The doctor determines the cause of death”. Dr looks at the results of a very dodgy PCR test and see it’s positive and concludes the person died of COVID as per the directive from the GMC.

  3. There is a good proportion of highly qualified people, specifically to relevant areas of this matter who are questioning the severity of Sars Cov2 and that is related to the data. Please quit with the logical fallacies hey? I still watch this channel as you are on the fringes of mainstream but raising good questions, in general.

  4. Many thanks! Actual deaths do not matter because they are the direct consequence of the policies they were imposing…… and probably they were aware of it, or even they were looking for it.
    My thoughts? It is all a collateral damage of the globalists´ movement to impose digital ID.

  5. I am a very thoughtful person and I would say deaths are under 1000 purely from virus. Probably statically zero for anyone under 30.
    At hairdresser and 2nd time she talked about someone who had died young.
    The first was her husband. Jabbed of course.
    I reckon they will have to put 75 year blackout on it. The NHS, MSM and Whitehall (Inc MPs) would fill the prisons with their incompetence.

  6. Yet still the vast majority are in denial , to which they would still listen to such as the BBC and follow the government’s instructions . Just as they are now being told our current situation with fuel is all Russias fault . Here lies our problem , the government know that the vast majority of the population are gullible and daft . For haven’t we proven beyond all doubt we will swallow any crap they throw at us .

  7. EVERYTHING which has happened, since he was elected as Tory PM, makes sense when you realise that JOHNSON was a Communist 'wrecker' emplaced at the heart of the Tory Party, like a Trojan Horse. EVERYTHING then slots in…….not least the way his supporters are trying to cover their own backs, now!

  8. I am 63 , I did 45 miles Cycling around 10 days ago . 3 days later I started feeling ill , received a PCR test today and I was Positive for Covid . I can remember speaking to someone last Saturday
    who coughed a little . He also had a very friendly Husky Dog called " Woolfie " 🐕‍🦺 The Dog licked his owners face and a while later licked mine ! I am not blaming anybody especially the Dog , its a lesson learned ! 🤗

  9. I'm 62 never got jabbed I had conditioning training believed them the first 2 mths then smelt a rat ,I haven't been sick or worn a mask 🤔 family and friends all jabbed been obsessed with masks have mostly had covid ,my 93 yr old mother says to me I can't believe people would jab their children for this it scares me ,also priest says he can't understand why there are so many still births he has never seen it before ,I'm whole food plant based never get sick .Thank-you for all you do.

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