EXCLUSIVE: AZ Sen. Pres. Karen Fann Reveals Maricopa County Lies; What’s Ahead for the Audit?

“So you ask me the question about what’s going on? …I think that their attorney said, we don’t know what we might find in a forensic audit. And this could be opening up a lot of questions that you may not want people asking,” says AZ State Senate President, Karen Fann.

“…Just my own personal opinion,” she adds.

From the 70 plus lawyers sent by Democrats to stop the audit in its early days to the ongoing threats of federal intervention by Department of Justice, the Maricopa 2020 election audit has faced overwhelming resistance from day one.

Sen. Pres. Fann is the initiator of the Maricopa County 2020 election audit.

In this exclusive interview, she reveals what media isn’t saying about the audit, and what the future might hold.

“if there was something that was done inappropriately. If it was done criminally, I’m going to turn it over to the attorney general’s office.”

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EXCLUSIVE: AZ Sen. Pres. Karen Fann Reveals Maricopa County Lies; What’s Ahead for the Audit?
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  1. They abused the ccp virus modified voting rules in place at the time and the radical left Venezuelan commie sympathizers are now cementing their ascensions into power. Marxist crt Ideology + 90% control of all media and government using Facebook or being used by Facebook for "misinfo basically being born" scary fknsht.

  2. Karen Fann hits the 'nail on the head'! The tactic of the progressive left Liberals is to keep moving the goal posts when what's in front of them has complied.

  3. I’m so f-in sick of this BS! How are you guys still falling for this?? They are trying to keep us from rising up! They have political prisoners in Washington DC from Jan. 6 still in jail or prison! Read that last sentence again!! WTF ARE WE DOING??? This government is beyond tyrannical and needs to be overthrown! It’s not our fault some are blinded by the media! We’re going to lose our country

  4. So when are we going to get a report? Y'all really said chickens ate ballets. You destroyed voting machines. Ballots are now lost. Still no evidence. Biden is a pedophile rapist racist and so is trump. I don't get why y'all hate one but love the other.

  5. There are NO friends in politics, even more so when they deny the evidence the people have the right to know and see!!!!!
    Time to take the gloves off……the people demand it!!!

  6. The thing that will be the cheaters downfall is…. they foolishly cheated in Arizona and Georgia where NOBODY ever would have believed Biden won. They didn't need those 2. They got greedy and it will be their undoing.

  7. The fact that you think for one moment that "THEY" (cabal of people in every aspect of AMERICAN society)
    are going to play fair tells me that you are either:
    a. A very gullible and mediocre person
    and or
    b. you are controlled opposition, PRETENDING to be outraged and frustrated while not doing ANYTHING but talking