EXCLUSIVE: Behind Closed-Door Testimony, Fauci Unable to Name Any Studies Showing Masks Work

🧶 EpochTV: How Spike Proteins Might Cause Massive Clots, as Well as 200 Related Symptoms 👉



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  1. Medical misinformation was never censored or "policed" on twitter, it was promoted. The only medical information that was censored or "policed" was actual factual information.

  2. Fauci and Binx should be brought before a Nuremberg trial for violating using Americans as test subject. This is a game to him and he better swing for treason and sedition. Psychopath! 😠

  3. No, in fact, the nurses of Ontario Canada took the hospital to court over masks. In 2010 the hospitals in Ontario demanded the nurses wear a mask or else. The nurses took them to court. After three years and tons of scientific research, it was proven masks do not work. Therefore, it is a scientifically proven fact masks do not work.

  4. China 2020 good… china 2022 not good- nothing in china has not changed, their policy was going to fail the moment Alpha came out and it become obvious with omicron. China today is totally failed 2022.

  5. Fauci will be retiring with over $350,000.00
    His lock downs caused some businesses to never reopen, ruining lives.
    Just as a reminder don't be surprised if he does public speaking in near future as his business venture.

  6. Wow .. I didn't realise that all you need to conduct science is 'inspiration' .. rather than data. What a revelation. Of course, the inspiration must come from a totalitarian regime, or it doesn't work as well.

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