EXCLUSIVE: Covid Vaccine Patent Warned of “Deliberate Coronavirus Release” 9 Month’s Before COVID-19

Newly unearthed documents from Moderna Pharmaceuticals Covid patent application include a claim of concern about a “deliberate release of SARS coronavirus” 9 months before the official emergence of Covid-19. In addition, it turns out that Moderna may not have the legal right to even release its vaccine in the next few weeks because the company appears to be infringing on an exisiting patent for the core technology. Is this why Moderna’s executives are selling their stock?

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Written by Ben Swann

Ben Swann's Truth in Media Project"It's not about Left vs. Right... It's about Liberty vs. Tyranny"-Ben Swann


  1. China deliberately released a mild but traceable virus. They'vd been studying coronaviruses in horseshoe bats for many years. None were mutatable except for one.
    When they study viruses in animals they induce faster mutation to see if they will jump to humans.
    Chinese billionaires have been donating to a lot of western institutes, overseas chinese students work for the chinese communist party.
    It's all part of their belt and road initiative. Make other countries poorer and more dependent on trade with china and less with the United States.

  2. Astro a suspended trials during to serious side effect they state.
    Is it a ploy to suggest their studies are legitimate and really safe or is it real.
    Was a vaccine already formulated around the time that the virus was patented by the CDC years ago, could it be that the act they are doing now is just for show?

  3. Modern getting preferential treatment and also a permit to not follow the law could have something to do with their past relationship with Anthony Fauci who was Moderna's CEO many years ago. Makes ya say Hmmmm. Sure make the plot much clearer now doesn't it.

  4. They disguised it for a number of months as the mysterious vaping illness.
    You don't hear much about that anymore do you?
    There were also earlier outbreaks near Fort Detrick of viral pneumonia in long term care facilities.

  5. Sars Coronavirus is a older strain than the Covid19, so 9months before they had Sars coronavirus. Come on Ben, Keep the Cornovirus Sars info clarified separate from Covid info. At the start it sounds like you are mixing them up.

  6. No surprise whatsoever. Also, and more importantly, they can have my dose, I don’t want anything these evil creeps behind governments want to give me.

  7. In search of an overly convoluted conspiracy – once again no link to documents on ISE media just videos. If you truly believe you've uncovered some criminal activities with theses companies, then send your evidence to Judicial Watch. otherwise you're just creating more FUD… Your alleged Indictments based on Coincidences are very thin and bordering on paranoid-like conjecture.
    Still don't see the crime guys.

  8. Good job. Now, to be fair, the release of a deadly virus has been the subject of many movies and novels and TV series and has been a widely discussed scenario among "end-times" videos and theories for decades. Not too hard to predict an escaped virus. Still creepy, though, and worthy of an investigation and suspicion. Reporting it, sticking to the facts and letting us decide is great journalism.

  9. I was led to believe that, try as they might, Moderna has never developed and released a successful vaccine. Gates funded Moderna to develop the Gates Quantum Dot Tattoo Vaccine Identification Marker

  10. The GPMB, a front for WHO and the World Bank being funded by the Gates foundation, Germany, Welcome trust and Resolve to Save Lives.
    GPMB commissioned the WHO, World Bank, Johns Hopkins, Red Cross, Oxford and Chatham House and Welcome Trust to write reports on the event of a pandemic, resulting in a collation of those reports for the GPMB to write a report used in Event 201 hosted by Johns Hopkins. Fauci was involved up to his neck as a board member on the GPMB. It also appears Fauci's wife, Christine Grady, is also involved with governments control of the tax slaves with her role as head of Human Subjects Research and Medical Ethics at NIH and head of the corona virus task force. What a power team.