EXCLUSIVE – Dan Andrews on the Shrine of Remembrance Rainbow Illumination

Malcontent News has scored an exclusive interview with Premier Daniel Andrews. Dan shares his views on the proposal to illuminate the Shrine of Remembrance with the colours of the lgbtqia+ flag.
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Written by I, Malcontent


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  1. Woah, the ONLY sensible, empathetic comment and thought this bespectacled criminal has ever made in his ENTIRE political career!! Still would NEVER trust the guy though… Or he could be trying to win some sorely needed "brownie points" from the population of VIC and lying.. (as they do) WHO KNOWS??????

  2. not a real interview….but very well done. Our fallen heroes – whether straight or gay – would not approve of our Shrine of Remembrance being used in this manner.

  3. Imagine what the original peoples of the land would be thinking then. We are all just layers of belief structures with the worst and most cunning usually winning. I reckon this is just a continuation of the f’kery of the human race. Imagine the original people of the land going forget the light show, who gave you permission to even put up that structure there.

  4. Since when do we just honor one specific group and not every great person who has served in the armed forces? Will there be a special service for straight members as well? Isn’t there a difference between equality and preferential treatment?

  5. Who's "STUPID" idea was that to come up with the rainbow at the Shrine. This isn't a place for pronouns it a place of honoring the fallen and massive sacrifices made by Victorian soldiers of WW1 originally. No place for any rainbows or any other political statements.
    Pathetic what the world is turning into.

  6. I thought that the soldiers were fighting so we could be gay and lgbtqi+. if they hadn't had all that gay sex at the battle of coral sea we would all be saluting emperor hiro hito now

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