Exclusive: Election Watchdog Exposes BALLOT HARVESTING Scheme in 6 States, Totaling 4.8M Votes

🔥 Because of the EXTREME levels of censorship on Youtube, the above is only the first 1/3 of the interview. To view the full thing, go here 👉


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  1. The problem is the GOP, they're too trusting towards their political opponents, leftist Woke Big Tech and Woke corporations, and the MSM Marxist propaganda machine. All of them are capable of pulling off any unpalatable thing…
    All the alleged various ways of election fraud happened under their very noses. Only president Trump saw it and pointed it out as it happened while the rest of the sleepy and sheepish GOP were dozing off🥱 and are still in denial even now.

  2. So my question is, what is being done about this? Why is nobody in jail? As usual, the guilty skip free and America is enduring the worst travesty of a presidency, we'll be VERY lucky if Putin doesn't try to take over the world during this feeble minded idiots tenure. I can't believe the world I'm living in.

  3. None of this matters because they won't go to prison or the gallows for it.. They own everything..all judges cops..the Bar association the fbi the cia..the supreme court..its all rigged for the elite..

  4. Thank God for these people The corruption is everywhere and and is destroying our country. Thanks to the Zuckerbergs and their $425 000,000 in support of Joe Biden.

  5. Not sure why we keep calling this “ballet harvesting”. Call it what it is, cheating. “Harvesting” ballets is illegal in most states. Since illegal then it is cheating, period.

  6. This story just blows my mind. The work by this brilliant group is amazing.
    I first heard reports of the Zuckerborg army and payments on the radio by investigators from the Thomas Moore Society.
    And thanks to Brian Byrne and his Bad News Bears cyber researchers that exposed the narco-communist voting machines and their manipulation of electronic ballots.
    Thank God for these intrepid heroes.

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