Exclusive: Ex-OPCW chief Jose Bustani reads Syria testimony that US, UK blocked at UN

At a UN Security Council meeting on Monday, October 5 2020, the US, UK, France and allies blocked the testimony of Jose Bustani, the first Director General of the OPCW. The Grayzone has obtained Bustani’s prepared statement and is publishing it in full.

Bustani was invited to brief the Security Council on the OPCW’s cover-up of an investigation into an alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria in April 2018. The US, UK, and France bombed Syria after accusing the Syrian government of dropping toxic gas in Douma. OPCW inspectors later found evidence that undermined the official narrative, but were censored by their superiors under US pressure.

As the OPCW’s first Director General, Bustani experienced first-hand the costs of challenging pro-war narratives. In 2002, he was personally threatened by John Bolton and ousted as OPCW chief after he facilitated inspections that stood in the way of the Bush administration’s drive to invade Iraq.

In his comments, Bustani voices support for the OPCW inspectors and urges the current Director General, Fernando Arias, to let them air their suppressed evidence in a transparent manner.

“At great risk to themselves, [the inspectors] have dared to speak out against possible irregular behaviour in your Organisation, and it is without doubt in your, in the Organisation’s, and in the world’s interest that you hear them out,” Bustani says. “Regardless of whether or not there is substance to the concerns raised about the OPCW’s behaviour in the Douma investigation, hearing what your own inspectors have to say would be an important first step in mending the Organisation’s damaged reputation. The dissenting inspectors are not claiming to be right, but they do want to be given a fair hearing.”

Full transcript:

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  1. To what end? If modern humanity has proven anything it is that learning the truth and fixing the problems they bring to light are two very different things. We all know much truth, more than enough to be outraged and enabled to demand change no matter the cost. Yet…nothing. And when do we lash out and resist? When our egos are damaged via things like "Muh skin color".

    We need to understand and accept something, we have a flaw that we must consciously recognized and prevent from effecting our societies. And not just for a bit, if we are going to program out this obvious Great Filter level flaw we have in ourselves where as long as we have lots of products we refuse to demand change and progress we will need to consciously deal with it every day for literal generations.

  2. The primary mission of the UN, OPCW, WHO, and other UN agencies is to sanction the actions of the axis-of-evil (US, NATO, FVEY, Israel, Saudi Arabia). The WHO forgot their primary mission and paid a heavy price.

  3. Everything that the US and it’s allies state should be considered false unless proven correct. The speedy way in which Trump’s daughter cries on a cnn article and he decides to bomb, has got to stop.

  4. The murderers and looters of the world do not want their lies and crimes to be exposed. The corrupt UN is part of the problem because they enable these murderous empires to go unchecked

  5. White Helmets International Heroes and winners of an Oscar, while pushing Anglo- American Military intervention and regime change in Syria. White Helmets= Al-Nusra’s Front civil defence. The crimes that this combi group has committed in Syria violates any International Law that ever had existed under The Geneva Conventions!

    The western glorifies “Moderate Rebels” as freedom fighters. The reality is that all these “Moderated Rebels” are a collection of extremist groups at work in Syria and many other places around the World.

    “The world stands with the white helmets. – Standing ovation at the Oscars. We have won. Thank you all for your support.” -Khaled Khatiba cinematographer and press officer for the Syrian White Helmets.

  6. Aaron, l have a question:
    Just who exactly funds the OPCW & how does its internal selection/election process work?
    ls it an offshoot of the UN, an NGO, an lnternational Coalition privately funded?
    (l'd look it up but l trust wikipædoa as much as l trust snopes)

  7. Let's just put it on the table,
    My govt, the US, went over and met with the OPCW. Unethical and illegal? And at least, since that day the OPCW has become a defunct, untrustworthy co,opted captured agency. And now is worthless just like the WHO and the UN. While these agencies were created for good reason, they ALL now are mere puppets and fronts for the US UK ISRAEL AND FRANCE.
    While there are still good, credible, honorable experts in these agencies, the War Profiteers, Big Pharma, oligarchs like Gates and Rockefellers, Adelson, have infiltrated and overthrown these agencies. And while they should be disbanded at this point, our govts are setting PUBLIC POLICY AND FOREIGN POLICY using these captured agencies. Claiming they are using the "expert" opinions and scientific conclusion made by these agencies they now control.

  8. The MIC has undermined everything allready. Nobody is independent anymore. The US cyber attack units will plant kiddy porn on your laptop, if you don't comply with their agenda and do as you are told.

  9. We the People of the United States need to form a non-partisan organization that oversees our Congress and demands continuous accontability from them. As the employees that they are they should disclose what they are up to and who is trying to influence them.