EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Greenwald on Vaccine Mandates, Civil Liberties, Assange & Snowden

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In this exclusive interview with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald, we talk about the current state of civil liberties during the COVID pandemic, with a focus on vaccine mandates. We also shed light on the Julian Assange case and the state of press freedom. Finally, Greenwald updates us on the life of Edward Snowden in Russia.

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Written by acTVism Munich


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  1. Thank you so much acTVism Munich for this interview (this kind of conversations related to covid is being stigmatised pretty much everywhere else by media who claims to be independent) and for not giving up on Julian. I'll contribute on patreon as soon as I can and I'll increase the contribution as I get out of unemployment!

  2. 37:00 -On Substack, on Rumble but still on YT? Has anyone got an opinion on Rokfin? I' subscribed but haven't been too impressed with their output. It seems to be dominated by Jimmy Dore.

  3. With all of Mr. G's insights into the abuses by authoritarian structures (govt. medical, industrial, religious, military etc.) for him to assert these "vaccine" are a legitimate solution/intervention is absolutely mind-boggling & irrational. He recognizes the absurdity of escalating the 2 vax program into continuous boosters yet fails to connect this to the possibility that their program never had anything to do with a virus or pandemic. (hence the vax is total DISINFO.)
    I suspect he is covering his ass so the establishment won't completely kick him off his little perch.
    This is how seemingly rational and reasonable people lose our trust.
    I don't give a crap about his defense of the "unvaxed", since he has tacitly complied with the beer virus lie.
    SHAME mr. g.

  4. Better health care system. What are we signing up to…how many booster shots, accumulation of God knows what. Why not a broader approach, treatment, different kinds of vaccines etc. …love you Glenn, so reasonable and diplomatic. I have the feeling though that you're a bit too careful in your opinion on this subject.

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