EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Russian Ambassador Responds To Downed US Drone

***UPDATE: Video footage has now been released proving the Russian fighter jets were in fact harassing the drone and did in fact damage the propeller. US European Command does say the drone temporarily lost communications verifying the ambassadors claim that the transponder was not on, but it seems that may have occurred from the first fuel dump over the drone.

Yesterday a U.S.A.F MQ-9 Drone supposedly collided with a Russian Fighter Jet. At first, the reports hinted at an accident but today the narrative has changed. General Mark Milley made some very aggressive comments today in a press conference.

UN Russian Ambassador Dmitry Polyansky joins us to discuss and react to Gen Milley’s hostile comments. You can follow the Ambassador on Twitter at: @Dpol_un

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. Video footage has now been released proving the Russian fighter jets were in fact harassing the drone and did in fact damage the propeller. US European Command does say the drone temporarily lost communications verify the ambassadors claim that the transponder was not on, but it seems that may have occurred from the first fuel dump.

  2. General Milley, get rid of your uniform and get straight into partisan politics, so you can repeat the same lies without trashing the honorable American military tradition as you do here.

  3. Shadowcruise99

    Thanks so much Kim for inviting and interviewing Russian Ambassador, Polyansky. Without you and a handful of other honest journalists, we would be completely in the dark.

  4. This russian man has spoken so fluently and clearly and truthfully imho….a pleasure to listen to. No ums or ahs. He shows compassion for ukraine…not seen as an enemy nation…more zelensky the baddy

  5. USA as usual is chatting crap. What are American drones doing in the Russian backyard. America has to understand that you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Only American believes the crap coming from that general. Russia has every right to protect its border. USA is a liar and most of the world population don't believe that Ungodly nation.

  6. If you pay me a million.🤑 dollars I'll 🤑🤑say whatever you want🤔🫣 but I know that you're smart enough to know what a sell out it's. 🧐🧐War the best business in the planet..👹☠️💀….. I wonder??? what country ??is the one that keeps Provoking.?? conflicts around the planet??

  7. Why doesn't Mark Milly talk about America's aggression that started this war to begin with. Had three cia never entered Ukraine and pull off their coup we would never have gotten to this point.

  8. The US has no business flying drones in the Region. It's a waste of taxpayer money, a provocation, and no one voted for this in the last election. The Democrats' domestic promises were lies.

  9. Weve got a huge problem in this world weve got the most provocative criminal cartel in charge of the most advanced weapons called the US deep state,The Oligarchy that owns and direct the US government

  10. funny try to see what general says and the truth in ukraine, then you know nato isn't unified and ukraine is, i didn't want to sounds rude, but ukraine isn't "well".

    Oh by the way the general says about conquest, tyranny, etc, try to check what us and nato did to other countries, that's irony doesn't it?

    yet still saying things as if they're the righteous ones, so the general says about good things actually the opposite, and what he says how bad russia is actually mirroring on the truth that has been proven by the people that experiencing themselves for being "liberated" by US and allies.

  11. What did the us and its allies do to Iraq it was a flagrant violation of international law
    It is now admitted by pm Blair and pr Obama and other leaders of western countries that this invasion of of et Al was illegal
    So did many intellectuals and many sane members of un
    It is not correct to sanitise this illegal invasion by admitting on u tube that this invasion by America and the UK and France and other west countries was illegal
    The correct thing to do ac to international law is to pay compensation to to all human lives and the destruction caused to Iraq which was bombed to the stone age

  12. – stock piles are deplete?
    – isolated
    – soldiers demoraliezed, untrained
    – leadership failed them?

    all those key points?
    Hmm yet, bakhmut is down , kramatorsk is next ALREADY..

    I hear they say US is out of munitions. Looks like the louder the shouts.
    the more .. ehhm what a joke this vd

  13. Media is always in the hands of perpetrators. Alexander Solzhenitsyn. They lied about WW I, WWII, History, just kept lying and lying and brainwashing people who listen to their fake news propaganda by presstitutes. God bless the real news and journalist like Kim and others like her.

  14. Full credit for letting us ACTUALLY HEAR the russians ourselves, instead of quoting 3 words of what they say out of context… no wonder our media & leaders want to censor them if this is what they sound like!

  15. Thank you kindly for this great interview, Kim. You are the only one who's having such an important interview on your program. You are becoming one of the only 'serious' and reliable news sources out there… Speaking the truth over all the war-mongering propaganda.
    All your hard work is giving fruit! This proves it. We are so happy for you, Kim. #LetsGo!

  16. But, but, but…..
    US drones are conducting freedom of aviation exercises all over the world. Any aggressive action against US drones is an act of war and your country will be carpet-bombed. Do not violate the international rules based order if you cannot stomach the fatal consequences.

  17. @grumpyjohnny6982 What about our troops spread out all over the world, constantly creating death destruction and mayhem to all families just for no other reason than to the benefit of our elites? Isn't this a bit criminal…? Who is asking about this? At least this guy has the excuse of defending the one third of the Ukrainian population that are of Russian descent and were being bombed for 8 years by a Neo-nazi militia in a civil war against them, just cause they spoke Russian at home. 14 000 of them dead, according to the UN. probably much more… What excuse did we have for completely destroying Iraq? Just fabricated lies. We wanted the oil. Who's asking about this? Not to mention 20 years in Afghanistan, and so on…
    Not defending the invasion, far from it. But maybe you might want to look in your own back yard a bit first.

  18. How dare Russia enforce security against a hostile reaper drone collecting data for Ukraine attacks on Russia in their own black sea. The nerve of those Russians taking steps to maintain their borders free from hostile interception by a country you'd have to dig straight through the Earth if you were in Moscow to reach. A country with no business sending military artifacts that far from home. A country with balloon problems, a nation of little green men enthusiasts.

  19. Kims not listening again, using her American hearing, he just got through explaining that the US was in breach of the Russian flight restriction zone and Kims first question begins with, "well the reaper was in international waters…" These are unusual circumstances and for the safety of air traffic, lest we get another downed passenger jet full of people nose diving through a known conflict zone, the RMD outlined the flight restriction zone. Seems like the US airforce have the same amount of wax in their ears as Kim (love love kiss kiss Im delighted you have your own channel Kim)

  20. Ukraine started winning this war since from last year. NATO forces are not capable to fight against Russia…. They think Russians are like Iraq, Libya, afghan, ..NATO knows they can't fight and they barking behind..I feel sorry for Ukrainians to be allowed to be murdered

  21. Aren't drones exactly for this purpose??? You can send drones in to spy and if they shoot is down, no one gets hurt?????? Why do Countries think you can send flying machines over other Countries or near other Countries without repercussions??? If I sent a balloon over the US, I would be putting bets down on how fast it's shot down. If I sent a drone over or near Russia while they are at war, I would be taking bets on how fast they would shoot it down!!!! This all seems DUMB to me!!

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