EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Julian Assange’s Brother Gabriel Shipton

Julian Assange has been imprisoned in London’s Belmarsh Prison for going on four years now, and is currently awaiting the decision from UK Home Secretary Priti Patel about his extradition to the United States on trumped-up charges of violating the Espionage Act. Assange’s actual crime: reporting on war crimes violations committed by the United States military in Iraq.

Jimmy speaks with Assange’s brother Gabriel Shipton about how the case will likely proceed and activists’ efforts to free the award-winning journalist and Wikileaks founder.

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  1. Priti Patel – who will decide to extradite or not Julian Assange – sat on the advisory board (2013-16) of the Henry Jackson Society, which has been funded by the CIA and hosted CIA directors and officials (including Mike Pompeo) in Britain, and has attacked Assange.

    Priti Patel has recently proposed a new National Security bill for the UK whereby offenders, journalists and publishers, would receive life imprisonment. The incriminated will have no recourse according to the bill.

  2. Jimmy, as president, I’m sure you will pardon Assange. In the meantime, can we get a message to Putin and ask him to trade the captured USA soldiers in Ukraine for Assange’s freedom?

  3. You need to name names. Name the person or persons in charge that are directly in power to hold him without trial. It's ridiculous reading these comments when nobody seems to understand where pressure needs to be applied to make something happen. Who every is behind this should be exposed themselves.

  4. He cites the positions of US Journalists and human rights organizations in support of Julian. Problem is that these organizations: NYT, WAPO, etc. have ruined their own credibility on about everything else they cover. No one pays attention to them or trusts them. Their support hurts Julian more than it helps him.

  5. I dreamed I saw St. Augustine
    Alive as you or me
    Tearing through these quarters
    In the utmost misery
    With a blanket underneath his arm
    And a coat of solid gold
    Searching for the very souls
    Whom already have been sold

    “Arise, arise,” he cried so loud
    In a voice without restraint
    “Come out, ye gifted kings and queens
    And hear my sad complaint
    No martyr is among ye now
    Whom you can call your own
    So go on your way accordingly
    But know you’re not alone”

    I dreamed I saw St. Augustine
    Alive with fiery breath
    And I dreamed I was amongst the ones
    That put him out to death
    Oh, I awoke in anger
    So alone and terrified
    I put my fingers against the glass
    And bowed my head and cried

  6. Assange is being used to warn everyone about press freedom. There isn't any. The UK government is holding him for US officials who don't want him testifying in front of the public.

  7. He was KIDNAPPED and is being held as a POLITICAL PRISONER.. because they FEAR ASSANGE.. and this is how they SHUT PEOPLE UP, whom they want to shut up.. no charges, no crimes, but their own in KIDNAPPING.. and FALSE IMPRISONMENT.. so who are the real criminals? Well that would be the UK government during the gulf war and the US government during the gulf war.. when they were committing WAR CRIMES of MURDER and TORTURE.. and so they will keep Julian in a prison till he dies to make sure his mouth does not get the chance to speak on these crimes against humanity.. but fear not, you will all stand before the throne of God and you will give account for your SINS..

  8. Why hasn't the question of jurisdiction been raised? I'm very confused about that. It would seem to me to be a slam dunk that the US cannot charge anyone, anywhere outside it's own jurisdiction with a crime.

  9. The courts in all tyrannies are dominated by mediocrities and buffoons. They make up for their intellectual and moral vacuity with a zealous subservience to power.

  10. Let’s call out the bullshit America!! Whistleblowers shouldn’t be jailed for exposing the Deep State for its crimes against humanity.!!! The EE.UU. Is A MAFIA like elite group of bullies, let’s vote them out of power . Direct-Democracy is necessary.

  11. To anyone that have read 1984, don't this strike you as well? That Julian Assange is Winston. Now they have him, and they will spend years torturing him, just to break him. They have already done lots and lots of the breaking him part, and already he seems like a shadow of his former self, but they are not done. Far from it, they will make an example of him, grind him down to just a shell, make him go public with statements were he will take full blame, by his words (after being broken by the system). Then they will parade him around, and use his words as propaganda and him as a scarecrow. Then after all is said and done and they have his full dedication to the fascist state, then they will dispose of him.

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