EXCLUSIVE: Pfizer Clinical Trial Whistleblower’s Lawsuit Presses Ahead Without Government’s Help

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  1. I hope that we the people aren't forced to take matters in regards to this into our own hands. When your government tries to kill your ability to live, it's time to kill their ability to govern.

  2. At 46 seconds Yea I wonder well hell I
    haven't got to wonder you bet Polosi
    has stock up the arse in the covid -19
    Vaccines most this $$$ made it into the
    Goverments hands and pockets.

  3. But they have made no money selling to me.
    I'm not a believer of vaccine that have not truly been F.D.A. Approved. Especially one's
    that if you have serious side effects that you
    can't go back on the Company for compen-
    station of any kind.

  4. I’ve sold all of my Pfizer stocks. I’m disgusted by this company’s immoral behavior. Once moral value is gone, you simply cannot trust the products. I refuse to profit from this unethical business. God help us!

  5. The only drugs I'll agree to take are pain meds when I get to the point where my refusal to get any other kind of medical treatment brings me to the end of my life. We all need to get back to this mentality. Death is part of life. I can see if you have very young children who need care, you would want to artificially extend your life, but other than that, we all need to accept more natural death as an option to an artificial means of living. And for you purists, I am not demanding anything – you want to pump yourself with drugs or go through life attached to an oxygen tank, that's your choice – congratulations. What I'm saying is that our fear of death has brought us to the point where we've actually created the focus on profits and connection to politics that's ruined the health industry and related entities.

  6. Of course, it's going to be mandatory for the up-and-coming vaccines. However, it is not about helping the people, right from the start its always been about the money, and for the government, it's about control.

  7. Pfizer and their dirty work is going to come to a halt sooner or later, because of their cover up. Between FDA and the CDC and Pfizer they have been doing a lot corruption against all of us since the virus vaccine for this pandemic to make a lot of money from the insurance company and they should be held accountable for their corruption action. And Pfizer think they can't get sued because they're protected by the government!!
    Trust me there's a back door to every lawsuit to get in…. You can learn it by learning the law that was put in place.

  8. The vaccines are proven to be ineffective! The vaccine doesn’t keep you from getting Covid, it doesn’t keep you from spreading Covid and it doesn’t keep you from being hospitalized! So what the hell does it do? I know. It’s making the media rich for promoting and advertising it, politicians rich for investing in it and the vaccine companies that can not be held liable for anything,rich for selling snake oil!

  9. It's ALL about the $$$ and ZERO to do with what's good for the people. The fda gets paid by these companies to approve their products. The fda is as corrupt as my septic tank. So is this jab

  10. I was stricken with Covid 5 days ago with extreme lung conditions. A Dr that cares prescribed to me IVERMECTIN which shipped over night air from Florida. Within 7-8 hours my lungs felt normal. A local sinus prescription was provided as well and ordered to take high levels of Vitamins D & C, Zink, one Aspirin, Cleariton, and Ibuprofen. I’m definitely on the mend after the lung issues.

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