Expectations of An Economic Rebound

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Expectations of An Economic Rebound


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Written by Heise Says


  1. Crazy! This economy is based on debt and there is not rebound only inevitable collapse ahead… We are living in a bubble propped by printing of fake worthless money. Selected commodities and monetary metals everyone! Protect yourselves

  2. Economic rebound for Australia just became less likely, Evergrande Group in China just announced they are hiring bankruptcy advisers. Its looking like Lehman Brothers 2.0 and has the potential to bring the entire Chinese housing market to the ground and much of the global economy with it. This is on top of everything else, we didn't have these megabubbles resulting in 25% YoY for housing and real inflation above 10% back in 2008 (yes, the GFC started in the property finance sector but the bubble wasn't as big then).

  3. When printed money is used to buy government bonds which then finance government spending and "investment" , well this is not real material growth. I point everyone to the economics of Gottfried Feder. He understood what happened in the hyperinflation of the Weimar Period. The real reason why Hitler infiltrated his political party on government orders and hijacked and wrecked his economic theory so it was buried forever. I didn't even learn it in University economics. Wonder why? Because the criminals that control the printing presses are stealing from everyone again.

  4. Expectations why’ll super super emergency low interest rates that the countries never seen before at 0.1% . Not 0.0% , 0.1% for, are you ready for it. To 2024. So who’s conning who here. Central banks created this low interest rate environment to prop up assets. Then a pandemic. If central banks had done there job of lifting rates in good times and dropping in bad interest rates before the pandemic arrived should of been at a average to above average. The OCR should of been around 3 to 4% because the economy before the pandemic hit was above average. Then interest rates would only had been necessary to drop when the pandemic hit to similar rates to straight after the GFC. . Having a OCR at near zero is Ridiculous. Before , during and after this pandemic public and private debt is going to be insane

  5. An economic rebound? Yes 20% increase in house prices a year is abysmal!
    50% a year increase in house prices a year is what is needed! Lol

  6. Heise's finally realize the effects of a recourse loan structure on the whole society. A non recourse loan structure = Bailing out the banks (i.e USA), Recourse = bailing out the people. Which is easier to sell??

  7. Well he hasn't been right about anything yet. But with Xmas coming and peoples obsessetion with spending borrowed money, I'd say he Lowey will be right for the first time. Don't forget after Xmas the money usually disappeares as people start licking there wounds from over spending.

  8. I'm not even going to watch this whole video as this is totally BS. Not saying heise is just the story. I don't listen to it any more tuned out, life outside is the key, planting listening to the birds animals.

  9. Heise, I am cook by profession and 99% of the subject discussed on news about current economy makes me feel like a deer in front of a headlight of vehicle. So, maybe print some more money, increase wage but then it does not add up to the other side of equation. So yeah! even a immigrant with no financial degree working blue collar job can confidently say the love affair our government is having with housing market is not a healthy relationship. I guess smash avocado has to wait until they breakup!

  10. They can’t be serious have they actually taken a drive around suburbs and city to see how many shops are empty for lease and how many warehouses are for lease and for sale. Commercial real estate is dead tenants are handing back keys. No ones spending big the belts are tightening. Savings is gone from the last few lock downs and whatever went into new home deposits.

  11. Went to an apartment rental inspection today in Townsvile, Nth Qld & was shocked to see about 3 dozen people at this inspection. It reminded me of a football crowd turning up. I've been inspecting & applying for properties here for over the past month but this was a record turn up. @Heise says