Expensive is not the word! 😡

Fast tracking nuclear energy? This is going to be very, very expensive for us!





Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. ✝️ruth  📖⏳💣
    2 Kings 23:35
    And 👑Jehoiakim gave the silver and the gold to Pharaoh; but he TAXED THE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿land to give the money according to the commandment of Pharaoh: he exacted the silver and the gold of the people of the 🇬🇧land, of EVERY ONE according to his TAXATION, to give it unto Pharaoh-nechoh.

  2. The Greens and wokes linked with the trad leftist groups will all be Tory hostile on this subject but it won't stop the Tories bending over to try and convince the country that as a government the UK could do worse.Voting for alternative energy plays into the hands of the Eurocrats.German technology is years ahead and as time is money the UK Will buy from This is the moment the remainers have hoped for.Independence is not going to happen.We've outsourced to Asia,energy to the EU,military to the Yank's and under siege at home from the pc's,wokes and statue toppers.Anywhere better off?

  3. Spot on Jeff. Lack of forward planning, short term profits. And guess what, some foreign company will have to build it! This government is taking us to hell in a hand cart.

    And if we get more wind farms, what advantage? They will just sell it to the international markets who will in turn shaft US for inflated prices (when I say us, not the rich and greedy)

  4. On the other news. “IN THE MEETING, the so-called "Marienborg Declaration" was agreed upon, in which one key component was increasing the use of wind power in the Baltic Sea region.

    In the declaration, the countries that signed it — Finland, Germany, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania — indicate as their goal and a kind of common will to increase the production capacity of wind power in the Baltic Sea to at least 19.6 gigawatts, which is seven times more than today. The target period for this is by 2030.”

  5. 10 _ 15 years for nuclear. The energy squeeze may not be as long people think. The energy companies buy either long or short positions on their bet.If the currencies and betting by central banks collapses then everything other than hard assets go to zero.

  6. Krankie pushed the button to blow up the end of Longannet Coal Power station in Fife to much media frenzy I bet when we remove her and her Greens to the Unemployed Benefit Office to sign on she will realize her failures

  7. These idiot M Ps have listened to the green agenda, and all the other activists instead of the majority who see that net zero is a fallacy by 2050 as the infrastructure won’t be in place in time. The way things are going this country will be bankrupt way before 2030 with huge unemployment figures, the elderly dying in droves and more suicides than ever. All this is down to our wonderful leaders, who bye the way won’t be affected. God help us no one else will

  8. Yet another case of listening to extreme lefty opinion. I can understand the Labour party listening to the loony left, but why do Tories listen to them. Start fracking and it will buy the time to do Nuclear. If Liz does not drop Net Zero the Tories are dead.

  9. Whatever the cost, UK doesn't have the Engineering capacity, skills in depth. It would need be imported. I am informed that erstwhile Engineering colleges have, through Woke academic policies, and an overarching feminisation, become bastions of underwater basket-weaving, TV studies, and putting blokes in touch with their feelings. It would take 30 years, maybe longer, just to build up the skill base. Meanwhile…

  10. We should have been doing it years ago
    Boris and his insane windmills and stupid green agenda which is a total con
    Show me a single expert or climate scientist that's ever actually been on telly saying its true
    You wont find one
    They just say experts say
    its garbage

  11. Have Rolls-Royce got any spare nuclear submarine reactors, I wonder?
    In the USA there is a solar plant at Ivanpah which takes up nearly six square miles. Guessing somewhat, the current Core H RR unit looks to be able to generate four times as much power as Ivanpah over a year.
    Plan B: We could put a submarine in every reservoir and run an extension cable!

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