Experimental Drugs used on soldiers in the 90’s created insane birth mutations

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  1. 7 May 1994 — In 1990, the Defense Department got special waivers from the Food and Drug Administration to give drugs experimentally to American troops. While …

  2. I am “elderly” (well, almost) and I have pre-existing conditions and there is no way I want either the donuts OR the injection!
    And I don’t want donut crumbs OR spike proteins shedding all over me, causing me to get sick!
    But thanks for asking. ?

  3. My uncle and his best friend joined the marines onthe buddy system (Korean war) within two weeks exactly half the platoon was shipped back with mental problems my uncle was one shipped back his friend was fine served his time and. Became State Representative I got to talk to him often about what occurred and he had no definitive answers. My uncle had bouts of severe mental breakdowns throughout his life but raise a family owned a business, his wife had a severe breakdown but got through it.

  4. I kid you not, a sweet woman that we work for ( side note- me & my husband run a lawn care business on the side) said to me the other day:"..parents can not be trusted to vaccinate their children…".? No shit.
    Some people seriously need to turn off their damn tv.

  5. Those pills we were given during the Gulf were in combination with the experimental anthrax shots. When we came back it was diagnosed as the Gulf War syndrome. Now here we are 30 years later and people are getting an experimental drug, what will they call this one War on Covid syndrome?

  6. I will not eat the donut….even though I am elderly….and losing friends fast…of course it might also be that I voted Brexit and loved President Trump. Just saying.

  7. Sounds like the deformities that happened with thalidomide
    That’s horrific they didn’t care about the impact on the soldiers and their babies born with these deformities.
    You would think they would have the decency to cover all medical costs for the child for life seeing as the military directly caused these problems

    As a side note I’ve had people call me/my son ‘grandma killer’ here in Scotland because i said right from the beginning before the vax was even made that my son will never get one if made.
    Why? Because as a baby he almost died from his 6mths jabs that are classified as ‘safe’ and well tested.
    Due to him almost dying at 6mth old due to routine jabs doctors have been extremely careful on what routine childhood vax’s my son got/gets and the ones he did get he was admitted to the day ward at hospital so all emergency equipment was around him for immediate resuscitation if needed

    I’m high risk and have no intentions of getting it until there is more long term data. Why? Well for multiple years I’ve been told a tonsillitis, common cold and seasonal flu can all kill me due to the immunosuppressants I take for my autoimmune disease. I’ve learnt how to protect myself around sick people I don’t now need daddy government telling me I’m too stupid to do that…
    As a nurse I refused the sw1n3 flu vax along with countless other nurses/doctors due to safety concerns due to a lack of data and our fears were proven correct a couple years later when it came out thousands upon thousands of people ended up with paralysis or narcolepsy

  8. Mate.. The pass and the status assigned to your personhood is going to destroy your country.. This has nothing to do with your health or long term studies.

  9. I too am not against taking the vaccine but simply not untill the trial has ended in two years time but despite that I have already been cancelled in my musical endeavours for not having the jab. The great divide is coming fast now for the have and have no vaccine, I will stand my ground on this one for as long as I can but no doubt it will cost me financially and socially.

  10. 2 Pam chloride is what they gave desert storm vets…I came in right after, and though I never was given a dose…was still showed how to use it along with atropine. Nasty shit…

  11. My best friend hanged himself in 1996 after he realized he had served the enemy and not the People. He was suffering from bone pain and lesions after invading Iraq and given many drugs that were claimed to "protect" him from imaginary wmd's. He left behind 2 young boys under 2.5 years old. I've had the experience of telling them who Anthony Patrick Elkerton was and why he left after having been poisoned and ultimately abandoned by the same disgusting government used him to commit war crimes and genocide. I hope they got the message loud and clear.

  12. Same happened when they forced us (Service-members) to take the anthrax vaccine in the late 90’s. They forced people out who weren’t taking it, even though people were getting sick.