Expert Attorney Shreds COVID19 Mandates

Is there anything you can or should do if you are facing a vaccine mandate as a condition of attending school or keeping a job? Yes. Absolutely, there is.

Robert Barnes, celebrated attorney in landmark cases representing clients as diverse as Wesley Snipes, Alex Jones and the Covington Catholic students who successfully sued several MSM outlets for public defamation, sits down with Chris to discuss today’s legal battle royale: vaccine mandates.

Barnes addresses the legally shaky ground the mandates are on, as well as the outright unconstitutionality of the argument for enforced compliance. He gives practical advice for you to follow if you are continuing to face mandates for both the initial vaccines and future booster programs.

In our current censorship heavy media environment, this critical discussion about these egregious attacks on our civil rights cannot be ignored and should be shared WIDELY.

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  1. In Alberta we don't have right of employment we can be hired or fired any time and the vast majority of the population have giant mortgages and car payments they don't have choice
    What happens in the world is fascism

  2. We need to step together and do something about this mass formation event. Thank you Chris, for this excellent conversations and everything you are doing for all of us!

  3. EEOC doesn’t allow you to make an appointment for a hearing. It is always full every day for months. It’s impossible and there is a time limit so you will lose out no matter what.

  4. Jacobsen (1905) vs Massachusetts is really bad case law. Hopefully it will be overturned this week at SCOTUS. What I don’t understand is if this lawyer is so successful, why can’t California’s terrible school vax laws (SB277 and SB276) be overturned in the courts? Challenges got nowhere.

  5. I am absolutely stunned. My doctor said I needed vaccine so I got it plus booster and it is not even the approved one. Did she know that. Then a week ago her PA Said I needed flu vaccine and about 3 days later all my joints began aching to the point picking up a coffee cup was a challenge and although not as severe I still have constant joint pain. My husband and I got the vaccine for fear he would loose his job and to avoid a layoff if mandated. LOOKS LIKE WE ARE AMERICAN IDIOTS! If only I could describe how I feel right now. This will take some time to process but the tears have already arrived.

  6. Great interview. Very Insightful. Thank you. Question for Robert Barnes concerning the difficulty of suing Pharma because of Vaccine Law. I will frame my question like this, What definition are we using for the word Vaccine ? The definition from when the Laws were written or current. Since they have changed the definition at least 2x, how does that impact the Law ? I am very curious on your thoughts. Just because the government agency changes the definition of vaccine, does that still qualify for the definition when the Law was written. Thank you.

  7. Peace 🧡and 💙Blessings ❤Too 💚My🧡 Brothers 💙May ❤God 💚Bless🧡 Everyone❤ Always💜 May God 💛Bless 💙Everyone 💚Richly with💛 everything❤ they💜 need Always🧡 Much💙 Love 💜Blessings💚 Always ✌ 💯 🌈 🎇 🌐 🙌 🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💜💜💜❤❤💙💙💙💙❤

  8. May 💚God💙 Be 🧡With ❤Everyone💜 Always 🧡Much ❤Love Blessings💚 Always ✌ 💯 🌈 🎇 🌐 💚💚💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💙💙🧡🧡🧡🧡💙🧡❤❤❤❤🧡

  9. Brilliant Conversation! Such valuable information. Thank you to both you! So grateful for your willingness to stand in the gap on this issue. This attorney, Robert Barnes, sure inspires me. My kind of human fighting for the underdog and folks/heroes who are out there (ie RFK, Jr., etc.) willing to take the machine to task. Thank you for being that kind of human and attorney Mr. Barnes. Both of you please keep up the great work!

  10. The supreme court will allow vaccine mandates…No doubt about it. They are part of the cabal. Ever since the eminent domain decision we have know they are not interested in the people.

  11. 18:15 This story re poor students at Yale says so much about Robert Barnes’s character. Not just his principles but that he did something about it – action not just talk. I like this man.

  12. Please spread the word. This is what they are doing to us. The church needs to know.

    I've been saying the same thing for a long time.

    This is being done so that people won't go into revolt mode, so people won't start a war.

    If we don't start lawsuits for them not abiding by the constitution, abiding by how we regularly vote and if we don't vote all these criminals out if Congress…were a sunken ship. If we don't push to sue all the hospitals and doctors for not giving our love ones ivermectin and aspirins, vitamin C and D3 and other protocol besides the one not helping our loved ones we are in bigger trouble than we ever thought. Where's all the Patriots at. We need to move and do something.

    Take out your money from big banks and move to small credit unions, pay off your home in 8 years, stop spending money in big corp-buy from each other- buy mom and pop, save money, stop buying gas as much as you can in protest of the prices. Only buy USA product's, buy cars only made in the USA.
    Stop complying, we are being lied to in a mass scale, Resist!

    Repost everywhere what we should do to stop this madness.

    Listen people, you all have to know what's going on. My cousin walked to a local bar in Redwood city CA. Got in a bar fight, he wasn't hurt bad but the ambulance was called. There was 3 hospitals closer than the hospital in Palo Alto where the ambulance took him. They didn't take him to Kaiser which was so close you could almost throw a rock, Sequoia was about 10 blocks away, Chop Hospital was 1.5 miles away from the Bar.
    A friend who was at the same bar called my older cousin (his brother) and told my cousin that my cousin was being taken to the hospital in Palo Alto so my cousin got dressed and went to the hospital where he found my younger cousin tied to the hospital bed and when he seen his older brother he yelled out, brother get me out of here, look how they have me!!! My cousin asked the doctor if he could take his brother home and the doctor said that they were going to x-ray his head and if everything was fine he was going to be able to pick him up in the morning. When my cousin got there the next morning, my cousin had been intubated and heavily sedated and my older cousin asked what happened to his brother! 😳The doctor told him, that when he left, my cousin had a heart attack. I was out of the U.S. at the time but I told my brother to tell my cousin to get my younger cousin out of the hospital bcz my rider's in my cab were telling me that their family members were being done away with in these hospitals and the hospitals were saying the passed away of covid. My bother didn't believe me.

    My cousin kept getting better but always seemed to regress and we all didn't know why.

    7 days later on a Saturday, everyone goes and visits him and they were letter people in 2 by 2, and all of a sudden my cousin wake's up because the nurse's weren't paying attention to his sedation medication and he woke up and pulled the intubation tube out of his throat and the IVs out of his arms and yelled out twice GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! All the bells and whistles were going off because he had disconnected himself off of the machines and a bunch of nurses tackled my cousin down on the bed and jabbed him with a needle 💉 of something and my cousin was gone in a matter of 2 hour's.
    No one should be tied to any bed, if a person doesn't want to get treated they should be free to leave, make them sign a waiver and let them go. What did they shoot him up with. I am sure my cousin knew they were trying to you know what him. Trust me, I know my cousin. He was like me…woke!

    Please everyone, I believe they are doing this to many other people all over the world, trust me. I'm a taxi driver and people told me…I was trying to tell as many people as I could about the stories my riders told me.

    Stories like my ladies telling me their mothers were in rest homes and nurse's told them via video chat that their mothers were dying of the Rona and the mothers had told their daughters that they inequivocally we're not sick at all. One lady's mom past anyways and one lady pulled her mother out of the rest home and saved her mother's life and found her another rest home and is doing fine today.

    Another lady told me that they got her aunt also, she went to go get meds for a bladder infection and ended up finding her in the hospital, intubated and heavily sedated. They threatened the hospital to un-sedate the aunt so they can talk to her. The doctor told them she can't talk bcz of the sedation tube. They said we will have her write on a paper. The hospital somewhat un- sedated her but she still couldn't hold a pen let alone write. All the aunt could do is cry and open her eyes wide open like a scary movie but tried to tell them that they did this to her by the look she was given them and she kept crying. They ask the doctor to un sedate her less and they wouldn't. She passed within a week. I've got others stories my riders shared with me and something is majorly wrong with the intubation process and sedating these folks people…this is a sham! Intubation tube do not address the coagulation issue. It only delivers oxygen to the lungs but bcz the blood is coagulation the intubation machines does take care of the coagulation factor…hello! Wake up people. This is a sham! We are being dooped!! Can ANYBODY hear me? Can anybody look into this and help? Nurse and doctors need to speak out now that they're being fired. My post are being taken down. Please help me spread the news.

  13. Really good discussion however the Constitution did not give us our freedoms. Freedom is our unalienable right that we are given by God and is merely guaranteed by the Constitution.

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