Experts In Hiding

Professor Gigi Foster from the University of New South Wales makes the point that there are many, many experts ‘in hiding’ and are now cautiously coming out of hiding.

This is significant because as these experts gradually speak up, it will break the [highly illogical!] spell that has convinced the public that there is absolute, uniform agreement amongst our institutions, academia, regulators and professions. There isn’t; there never was; there never will be. It’s an illusion.

Frankly, we should never want unanimity in the upper echelons of our technical class. That’s a recipe for disaster and tragedy.

An appeal to unanimity (‘the science is settled’) is a low resolution and manipulative tactic to achieve a political end, treating the population as infants and at the same time creating that infantile population.

We are mentally and ethically retarding people by force feeding narratives and teaching people to shut down critical thinking faculties. The solution to misinformation, disinformation and false conspiracy theories is to increase the level of critical thinking, not shut it down.

Instead we now teach, corral, nudge and coerce populations to accept the ‘approved’ government, Big Business or media narrative. We are making people stupid. Can we not see that this will end badly? Including for government, Big Business and the media.

‘The most dangerous type of person is not evil, but stupid. A stupid person causes damage not only to others, but to themselves. Their actions are not predictable because unlike evil people, ‘self interest’ is a poor predictor.’ -paraphrased from Professor Carlo M Cipolla

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  1. Legal?, depends if you have consent, the more people who stand up against this AGENDA the less consent the so called elites have, piece of paper is meaningless without consent 👀

  2. Before Christmas I called the Queensland Human Rights Commission to ask what they were doing about the segregation and apartheid. All I got was deeply slumbering snores. They were not doing anything nor were they preparing to do anything, they were just not interested. It was stomach churning. We are in this alone, you'd better make preparations to fight for yourselves and any other pure-bloods around you.

  3. Thank you ….justice must seen to be done
    …..but do we have precedents? Yes the holocaust in Germany ww2 and Russian revolution and communist China, etc. Thank you both for airing the truth ❤

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